Hannibal laughed and sipped the champagne, returning Murdock's grin before looking over at Face. For just a split second, his grin faltered.

Face was smiling, but there was that look in his eye. Hannibal didn't see it often, but when he did, it sent a flash of guilt - and a bit of anger - through him.

Sometimes he wished he'd never confided in Face in Nam. Wouldn't have if Face hadn't pressed him. Just kept pushing until he got the whole story.

Fresh out of West Point, shoved into a horrific war - he'd thought nothing of a few drinks when the opportunity arose. And they arose more and more frequently. Until they almost ended his career.

He'd sworn off alcohol then, and until Nam had managed very well. Until they got back from the camps.

He shook off the dark thoughts, and smiled back at Face. It's okay, kid.

It's okay.