January 21 --- Friends

Holiday: Hugging Day / Squirrel Appreciation Day

"It's gonna be a snowy winter."


Face looked up from the paper. Murdock was standing at the window, the blaze of red and orange leaves framing his silhouette.

"We're gonna have a lot of snow."

"Murdock, it's barely into September. Even the weatherman hasn't said anything about snow yet."

"No, but they have." He pointed out the window.

Sighing, Face got up and wandered over. He looked out, not sure what he expected to see.

"Murdock, there's nobody out there."

"Yes, there is, Face! Look - those three squirrels, up in that tree. Right over there."

Face looked again. "Okay, three squirrels in a tree. And they're telling you we're going to have a lot of snow?"

"Don't look at me like that, Face. I didn't say they were talking to me!"

"Okay, okay..."

"They're hiding their nuts high up in the trees. If they buried them in the ground, we wouldn't get much snow. See?"

Face nodded his head and draped an arm around Murdock's shoulders.

"I understand perfectly, buddy. Now, how about a pizza?" He guided Murdock toward the door, grabbing his car keys on the way. "Uh, Murdock...did Richter say anything about followups?"