January 25 --- Places in the Heart

Holiday: A Room of One's Own Day

"So, all settled in then, Murdock?"

"Yeah, Colonel. Found a great little second-hand store. Got a bed, dresser, couch, lamps. Even got a ping pong table!"

"Ping pong table? Murdock, you don't have room to play ping pong in that apartment."

"I know, Face, I know. But it'll be great when you guys come over for dinner."

"Ain't eatin off no ping pong table..."

"Oh, and I got this one big wall - you remember, Face? - and I got all my pictures and posters and stuff on it. Fills the whole thing up. But you know what's the best of all?"

Hannibal grinned. "Your own bathroom."

"You got it, Colonel! Don't have to share it with anybody. Shave when I want, shower when I want, no one telling me to hurry up, or taking my stuff, or running out of hot water...it's fantastic, man. Same with the kitchen. Eat when I want, what I want...really great."

"Well, that's good, Murdock. Glad you've finally got your own place, settling in..."

"Yeah, beats motel rooms, that's for sure."

"...but we've got an early start in the morning. One of the Ables will run you back home, how's that? We'll pick you up on the way out tomorrow."

"Oh, sure, Colonel. See you in the morning, guys."

Murdock stepped out of the car, waving a salute to the Able as the sedan pulled away, and bounced up to the door of his apartment. He had to wiggle the knob a bit to get the key to work, but he grinned anyway. His door to his apartment.


Stepping inside, he fiddled with the lamp and a warm glow filled the room. He looked around, smiling.

Yup. His apartment. His couch. His lamp. His kitchen. His bathroom. No sharing with anyone.

He hung up his cap and looked around the silent room. Sighed.

"Hey, Billy."