January 05 --- Something Special

Holiday: Whipped Cream Day

"No, Face, that's not the right kind!"

Face sighed as he put the can back on the shelf. While he was usually supportive of Murdock's determined efforts to lead a so-called normal life, at times he had the distinct feeling Richter should have spent a little more time on the subject of obsession.

Murdock was now headed resolutely for the baking goods aisle of the store, searching for the sugar section. Face wandered along behind, smiling at the young woman checking out cake mixes. He shrugged to himself; maybe domestic life wasn't as dull as it sounded.

"Ah! Here it is - vanilla sugar. Told you they'd have it." Murdock tossed the small box to Face, who frowned as he looked at the price tag.

"Uh, Murdock - isn't that a little bit beyond your budget?"

"Well, yeah, but..."

Face sighed again as Murdock's shoulders slumped. "All right, all right. I'll get it for you - this time."

"Great! Thanks, Face. Now we need the chocolate."

Knowing it was futile, Face picked up a box of cocoa. "This?"

"No way, man! We have to get real chocolate - the good stuff." Murdock moved further down the aisle and Face regretfully put his choice back on the shelf and followed.


"I was right, wasn't I? Huh? I was right."

Face smiled, shaking his head at the smug grin. He sipped his hot chocolate, delicately licking the whipped cream from his lip, and settled back into the overstuffed chair. From there, he could look through the window of Murdock's apartment and watch the snow softly drifting through the twilight. His wallet was much lighter than it had been - but then again, so was his mood.

Murdock may be a bit obsessive about having a "real home" with all the fixings, but he'd learn. Just like Face was.

There were more important ingredients than vanilla sugar.