After "Chopping Spree"...

"And I ain't too crazy about you, either!"

Not the usual threats or name-calling to be dismissed. BA had really, truly been angry. Maybe too angry to hold back the truth...

He'd thought after all this time, BA had gotten to like him. At least a little. More than just a part of the team, anyway. He'd been sure of it.

He sighed, peering in the mirror at the shiner. The bruise below his eye was now a sickly green. Almost healed. They always looked the worst then. No way he could call on any of his girlfriends, looking like that.

A whole night of nothing to do, except think about BA's words.


The phone rang, and he thought about ignoring it, but it might be Hannibal and you didn't ignore the colonel.


"Hey, man, gonna order some pizza, watch the game. Comin?"

He grinned as he grabbed a six-pack on his way out the door.