Hannibal walked slowly through the streets, jostled by people hurrying by. He paid no attention, thinking not about what had happened, but the aftermath.

He knew he had to get back to the apartment, where BA and Face were waiting. Knew they needed him. He had to get himself straight, to help them.

He had hoped that it wouldn't happen here. And they'd been lucky, those first few jobs. But this time...

In the back of his mind, he'd known it could happen. They'd be going after criminals, people - no, violent animals - who needed to be stopped.

Back in Nam, you didn't think about it; you killed the enemy. Period. And these guys were the enemy. Accept it. Don't like it, but accept it. They were not, were not, innocent civilians.

He who lives by the sword...

He turned resolutely back toward their apartment. His team needed him