Happy people plan actions, they don't plan results. - Dennis Wholey

Hannibal smiled. He could just hear the guys now. Yeah, his plan had gone like most - not the way they'd figured. But it had worked. The bad guys were tied up, the cops were on the way, the clients safe.

That's what mattered, right?

So there were things that had happened he'd have preferred not to. His smile faded. One major thing for sure. But who could have foreseen that? Best laid plans and all that.

Full of clichés, aren't you? And now, when you really need to come up with something special. Should have thought of that before. Should have, just in case...

But he couldn't think of anything. It took too much energy. All he could do was look at them, staring down at him, and smile encouragement.

They'd be okay. They'd make it.

And that's what he held on to as his mind faded away.