How be caught up in a game and have no idea of the rules. - The Enchanted Chocolate Pot

"Hannibal? Hannibal, come in!... BA, you there?... Murdock?"

Face hooked the radio impatiently on his belt, scanning the woods. Why weren't they answering? They'd done the standard radio check before heading out. The guys knew he couldn't make the first move until everyone was in position, which they should've been by now.

Okay. He'd wait a couple more minutes. If he still couldn't reach them...

What? Go in anyway? No way that would work. Not the way they'd originally planned it. So Plan B. There was a good chance he could take out the goon behind the house before any alarms were raised. He was pretty sure he could sneak into the house then. They knew which room they were holding the hostage in. It would be iffy if there were more than one guard at the door, but it was at the back of the house, so not a huge problem.

Getting back out would be the hard part. Especially since he didn't know what kind of condition the hostage was in. These guys weren't known for their gentlemanly behavior. Going through the woods with no backup, trying not to leave a trail...

And then what? Even if they made it back to the van, he couldn't just drive off, not knowing where the guys were, or what had happened to them. What if they'd been taken? What if they were somewhere in the house, too?


Alright, number one priority was the hostage. Just find someplace safe for him to hide while Face searched for the others. Sneak back to the house, hope the bad guys were all looking for the escapees so he'd have time to search, hope the guys actually had been captured so he'd have the whole team in one place, then get to the van and go.

There was also a good chance they'd left enough people guarding the guys so he wouldn't be able to just waltz in and get them. A very good chance. Well, he could set the barn on fire to get them out of the house. It would bring the rest of the crew racing back, but at least he'd have a better chance at getting the team out...



But if they weren't at the house, he'd have to work his way to where each of them were supposed to be, hope it was just the terrain that fucked up the radios. That had to be it. If they weren't prisoners, they'd be in position, waiting for him to move in. Or maybe they thought he'd been caught, and were already on their own Plan B...

Maybe he should head for Hannibal's position first, let him know about the radios. They'd have to get to BA and Murdock then, regroup, figure out some other signal. He looked up at the sun. No way they could travel through this woods in the dark. And if he had to hunt for them...


What the hell was going on?