"We shoulda never brought him along."

"It won't happen again."


Hannibal sighed. "You ever gone deer hunting, BA?"


"You go out deer hunting for the first time, and you're creeping through the woods, just waiting for that big rack of antlers to show up."

Hannibal smiled, a faraway look in his eyes. "Then he comes, stopping just at the edge of the trees.. Listening. Sniffing. You've got the perfect shot. Perfect." Hannibal shook his head. "And you can't shoot. Paralyzed. Nothing you can do but stand there and watch that buck disappear back into the trees."

"Why didn't you shoot?"

"Buck fever. Too much of an adrenaline rush, I guess." Hannibal looked at BA and smiled. "But the next time I went out, I bagged a beauty."

He clapped BA on the shoulder and moved toward the van.

"You'll see, BA. Next time, Murdock will be just fine."