"Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly." - Author Unknown

Face clenched his jaw as he swerved around the corner, the Vette's tires screeching. Decker's men couldn't be more than two seconds behind him. Face pressed on the accelerator, swerving around traffic. He had to get off the main drag before he was forced into a trap.

He didn't see the dip in the road, hitting it hard, the steering wheel jumping out of his hands. Felt the jolt as an oncoming car clipped the rear of the Vette, sending it up over the curb and down an embankment. He grabbed the wheel, fighting for control, suddenly coming to a stop against a large shrub.

He opened his eyes slowly, trying to focus. Behind and above him, he could hear horns blaring and people shouting.

Buying him time.

The Vette sputtered but started. Putting it carefully in gear, he sent a silent thank you before roaring off across the park.