"How much ammo left, Face?"

"Between the three of us - not enough."

The four of them looked around the barn. Hannibal grinned.

"Fertilizer, guys. And sulfur."

"Hannibal, you know that ain't gonna work."

"What other choice do we have, BA?"


"I don't think these guys are interested in prisoners, Face. You saw what they did to that farmer."

"We could blow ourselves up with this crap."

"Or die in a shoot out with no ammo. Choose your poison, guys."


Murdock looked up at the ceiling of the barn. He could see tendrils of sunlight through the shingles above.

Pretty. He sighed, looking at the others.

"We're sitting kinda bad here, Hannibal."

"Think Butch and Sundance, Murdock. But remember they went out fighting."

Face grimaced. "Yeah, thinking they had a chance."

Hannibal chuckled softly. Well, if you're walking on thin ice, Face, you might just as well dance.