"I don't want to hear about it, BA. I want you and Face back here, now."

Murdock couldn't hear the muffled words from the phone, but the tone was clear.

"BA, did he honestly think Stockwell wouldn't notice?"

Murdock cringed at the look on Hannibal's face as he listened to BA, and more when he heard the icy calm in Hannibal's response.

"I-don't-care-that-he-doesn't-care. I will not have the entire team's future compromised because he wants to look for his roots. You get your butts back here now. Understood, Sergeant?"

Hannibal slammed the phone down, angrily pulling out a cigar. He glared full force at Murdock.

"I never should've trusted Face on this. He's lost all perspective."

"Hannibal, he's got a right..."

"No, he doesn't, Captain. Not yet. I meant what I said. He will not jeopardize the team. Even if I have to let Stockwell handle it 'his way'!"