It is so much easier to tell intimate things in the dark. - Wm McFee

"If Face thought Stockwell would renege, he'd wait." Even with a full moon, this far from the house Murdock could barely see Hannibal. He thought his friend preferred it that way. "Colonel, he won't jeopardize those pardons."

"BA said Face didn't care about Stockwell - which means, to my mind, the pardons."

"And therefore, the team?" Murdock felt no satisfaction when Hannibal straightened abruptly. "Colonel, he's not going to leave us."

"Why not? He's done it before."

"Hey, the first time he was tricked. And the last time was just frustration."

"Murdock, we're only the people he was stuck with for the last fifteen years. All thanks to me. Those people are his 'real' family, remember? Blood's thicker than water."

"Hannibal, blood, water, or sassafras tea, Face would never leave us for real." Murdock swallowed hard, then placed his hand on his friend's shoulder and gently squeezed. "He'd never leave you..."