"I think we have them, General. The descriptions match Santana and Murdock. Per your instructions, the locals have them under surveillance only."

"What about the others?"

"There's evidence of at least two others in the house. Apparently there were injuries at Belwick. Murdock had a noticeable limp, and they purchased a number of medical supplies at the pharmacy."

"How long?"

"The pharmacist notified the sheriff yesterday, after another purchase of medical supplies. He remembered Murdock from the day before."

"So three to four days at most."

"Yes, sir. Considering the location, the purchases, Murdock's condition - I think we'd be safe to assume they were forced to stop due to injuries to the other men. At my request, the sheriff did some checking. They have not sought medical help, probably to stay under the radar."

"Verify they're all there." He nodded dismissively to Carla and entered his office.

And smiled.