STORM - "The Calm Before the Storm"

...when the storm clouds come in, the eagles soar while the small birds take cover. - Anonymous

"I want you to go through every client, every friend, every relative. Anyone with the slightest reason to help them."

Stockwell's voice was calm. As Carla stepped briskly back into the building, he knew that he would be expending a lot of resources. But he couldn't afford to let these men go. Not until they had reached an...understanding.

He looked impatiently at his watch as his limo pulled up. He didn't like running late, and barely acknowledged his driver as he climbed inside.

"Watergate, Able 10."

The limo pulled out into traffic. Stockwell pulled out the file on the man he was meeting and began reading. Moments later he looked up; they were going in the wrong direction. He pulled his sidearm before realizing the bulletproof partition behind the driver was up. He sighed as he heard a chuckle come over the intercom.

"Hey, General. Long time no see..."