"C'mon, Hannibal. You knew he'd come back all along, didn't you?"

Hannibal just smiled. The smile that said, Yes, I knew it. Yes, I planned it. Yes, I knew it would all work out. The smile that told the world he had everything under control. The smile he'd cultivated as carefully as Face had his.

He watched as Murdock smiled back and walked away, shaking his head. He'd probably go find BA and see how far he could push him. Let off steam. Murdock had been worried, upset - then exasperated - at Face. Probably hadn't quite worn off yet. So he'd steer clear of Face for a while yet. Till BA got done with him.

Yeah, Murdock. I knew he'd come back. Knew he wasn't quite ready to cut the apron strings. Knew he hadn't had quite as strong a reason as he'd needed.

Not today.

But one day.