"You sure you want to do this, Face?"

"No, I'm sure I don't want to do this, Murdock, but Hannibal wants to find this guy and we're it."


Face opened the door. It took seconds for the noise to die, only the tinny music from an old jukebox playing in the back. Suspicious eyes stared at them. Dozens of suspicious eyes.

Face stepped toward the bar, stopping to stare impassively at the man blocking his way. He knew this type. No charming his way past. He pulled every bit of his 'experienced SF officer' into his stare, and the man abruptly moved away.

Face leaned against the bar, facing the room of mercenaries. Murdock kept an eye on the bartender.

"I'm looking for a guy named Elijah. No trouble. I just want - "

The houselights went out, shots rang. Face hit the floor hard, pulling his revolver.

"Murdock? Murdock!"