"Gotta do it, LT. You know that."

Jaw clenched, Face nodded, stepped away. They'd torch the whole goddamn village. He didn't want to see that. Didn't want to feel the heat, or hear the crackling of the flames as they sped from one hut to the next. Watch the smoke rise in the air from the fields.

He had no choice. VC hiding in those fields. Waiting to kill the Americans, then hide with the villagers again. Probably a lot of them right in that crowd, wailing and screaming.

His fingers rubbed against the papers folded in his pocket. New orders. Three days from now, he'd be assigned to Hannibal full time. No more of this shit. This wasn't his idea of fighting. Destroying people's lives without regard to guilt or innocence. He wasn't here for that.

Yeah, it had to be done.

Didn't mean he had to like it.