"Vietnamese royalty, huh? He never told me about that one."

Reverend Taylor chuckled. "Doesn't surprise me. But you're right - he has gotten better."

"Yeah." Hannibal frowned. "Although I'm not sure putting one over on an old lady is necessarily better." He glanced over at Taylor. "I don't imagine that set too well with you, either."

Taylor smiled softly. "Actually, it doesn't bother me that much. Here's an old woman who lived in the spotlight for so many years - now she's forgotten, alone. Along he comes, offering to run her fan club, making her laugh, giving her attention...making her feel special again, even if it is only temporary. Everyone likes to feel special, Hannibal. She's going to remember him - and that feeling - for a long time."

Hannibal grinned. "Probably a helluva lot better than those folks who owned that villa."

Taylor laughed out loud. "Much, much better."