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Looking for the following fanzines/newsletters (or copies of any stories they contain). Details about most of these can be found at Fanlore


Fanzine Story Title ----- Author
A is for ActionUnknown Story ----- Linda S. MacLaren
Unknown Story ----- Jackie Edwards
Unknown Story ----- Laura Michaels
A Small and Deadly Four / SCAM Presents # 4Adjust or Your Dead ----- Felis Sylvestris
An Impossible Case ----- Vivian Young
Busy Line ----- Judy Wrighton
Dreams of Yesterday ----- Wendy Grice
Forbidden Treasure ----- Rae McAnally
In With a Chance ----- Vivien Young
Reflections ----- Thea Quinn
Sapphires and Steele ----- Thea Quinn
Vision of Hope ----- Wendy Grice
A-Team File # 1Ah, Colonel Lynch! How Nice to See You Again! ----- Linda Hepden
Chance Encounter ----- Linda Hepden
Dialogue: Black Day at Bad Rock ----- J A Mortimore
Just a Little Liberation ----- Jita
Technicolor Starts Here ----- J A Mortimore
Undercover Story ----- C C Connors
A-Team File # 3Birdman ----- Stephanie Lucas
Black is Beautiful ----- Sally Jones
Every Dog Has Its Day ----- Dot Fittes
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? ----- Theda
A Look Inside ----- Judy Wrighton
Misc Limericks ----- Crazy Charlie
Safe and Secure ----- C S Armitage
Saigon - An Eye-Witness Account ----- Judy Wrighton
Well, Maybe Next Year ----- Loot
A-Team File # 4Mary's Boy Child ----- J A Mortimore
About FaceChristmas Crackers ----- Susan Taylor and Sarah Tindall
Fools Rush In ----- Susan Taylor and Sarah Tindall
Last Twelve Years ----- Susan Taylor and Sarah Tindall
One More Time Again ----- Susan Taylor and Sarah Tindall
A Pizza the Action ----- Susan Taylor and Sarah Tindall
Adult Situations # 1War Hero ----- Jackie Edwards
Airwaves # 3Friends or Foes? ----- Patricia Franklin
Only Solution (Original) ----- Fran Ward
Airwaves # 9Leader ----- Jackie Edwards
Airwaves # 10Life-Line ----- Jackie Edwards
Airwaves # 12With a Little Help From My Friends ----- Unknown
Airwaves # 27Some Things Never Change (Original) ----- Cynthia Merrik
Airwaves # 28Tactics in Toyland ----- Sean Christie
Airwaves Multimedia Special # 3Friends or Foes? ----- Patricia Franklin (See Airwaves # 3 above)
Leader ----- Jackie Edwards (See Airwaves # 9 above)
With a Little Help From My Friends ----- Unknown (See Airwaves # 12 above)
Yesterday’s Memories Today ----- Unknown
Airwaves Multimedia Special # 5Team Spirit ----- Josephine Ford
Airwaves Multimedia Special # 6Some Things Never Change (Reprint) ----- Cynthia Merrik
Alive at Five / SCAM Presents # 5Alive at Five ----- Anonymous
AMARE # 1Change of Tempo ----- S Meek
Christmas Favours ----- S Meek
The God of Things As They Are ----- S Meek
Latin American Style ----- S Meek
AMARE # 3Unknown Story----- CJW
Unknown Story----- Flipper
Unknown Story----- Janet Ellicott
Unknown Story----- Orion
Unknown Story----- Rowan
AMARE # 4Night Manoeuvres ----- Fran Ward
BASCon CON ZINE 2005Honeymoon ----- Glenda
The Other Side ----- Cath
Beneath the SurFaceBeneath the Surface Blues ----- T Roubles
Broken Wings ----- Hope
A First Time for Everything ----- Aces
Guilt Trip ----- Ms Terry
Just Another Night ----- Claire
Just Desserts ----- Ms Terry
The Long and Winding Road ----- Sugar and Spice
My Heart Will Go On ----- Dreamweaver
The Rescue ----- T Roubles
The Ties That Bind ----- Shadow
The Valentine's Day Affair ----- T Roubles
BloodlinesBloodlines ----- Beano Smart
Chaotic Ramblings # 2Lunch Break ----- Laura Michaels
Chaotic Ramblings # 3Misadventures in Kidnapping ----- Manda and Anna
Closed for Remodeling # 1Poem ----- Danny Beatty
Circumstantial Evidence ----- Jackie Edwards
Mistaken Identity ----- Mary Hughes
Something on the String of G ----- Lori Beatty
Closed for Remodeling # 3Children of Bad Rock ----- Joy Baker
Enterprise Incident ----- Lori Beatty and Sue Keenan
Just One of Those Days ----- Rita Ractliffe
Murdock's Miracle ----- Gwen Brennan
Teamwork ----- Lori Beatty
Closed for Remodeling # 4Aftermath ----- Jackie Edwards
Assignment Tardis ----- Elizabeth Hensley
Pasadena Murdock ----- Michele Lellouche
The Vessel ----- Jackie Edwards
Cross Streams # 1Ghost Story ----- Felis Sylvestris
CrosSignals # 2Live Long and Thanks For All the Fish ----- Lance Woods, David Keefer and Paul Balze
Dark MattersDay Out of Days ----- JD Sampson
Guardian of Angels ----- JD Sampson
Pitch Black ----- JD Sampson
Deja VuDeja Vu ----- Rita Ractliffe
Double Heat / SCAM Presents # 2A Case of Mistaken Identity ----- Rae McAnally
Correct Minutes ----- N N Pellegrini
High School Drug Dealers ----- Ruth Queensborough
Homesickness ----- N N Pellegrini
If Only I'd Known ----- C. S. Armitage
Vets Stick Together ----- Karen Jessup
White Lines ----- Thea Quinn
Dwight PapersAin't We Got Fun? ----- Kristin Munson
Appearances ----- Erinyes
The Dance ----- Erinyes
The Jacket ----- Lachesis
Never Go Back ----- Jack Harlan
Possibilities ----- Rhonda Eudaly
The Return of Mac Murdock ----- Rhonda Eudaly
The Reunion ----- Helen D Volk
Whispers in the Wind ----- Melissa Beattie
EarthwingsThe Car ----- L Tristy Spence
Enigma # 13Joy Ride / Joyride ----- Morgan
Strange Beginning ----- PS de Resistance
Eyes Have It! # 4It Was a Dark And Stormy Night, Part 1 ----- Multiple Authors
Eyes Have It! # 5It Was a Dark And Stormy Night, Part 2 ----- Multiple Authors
Face CollectionCradle Snatcher ----- Yvonne Parkin
Double Take ----- Susan Skeen
Flashback ----- Kathleen Hoffman
Face the EnemyThe Opera Ain't Over ----- Sarah Tindall
Revelations ----- Susan Taylor
Face the MusicGabrielle ----- Susan Taylor and Sarah Tindall
Home To Roost ----- Susan Taylor and Sarah Tindall
Like Father Like Son ----- Susan Taylor and Sarah Tindall
There's Something About a Jungle ----- Susan Taylor and Sarah Tindall
Face ValueFace's Freudian Fantasy ----- Susan Taylor and Sarah Tindall
Up For Grabs ----- Susan Taylor and Sarah Tindall
FRAK # 5Birth of a Hero ----- Sue D Nym
FRAK # 6Silver Medals and Sweet Memories ----- Janet Ellicott
First Combat ----- Janet Ellicott
FRAK # 7Should You Chose to Accept It ----- Janet Ellicot
Twice as Much Trouble ----- Janet Ellicott
Going HomeGoing Home ----- Beano Smart
Going HomeGoing Home ----- Whip McCord
Hanky Panky # 12The Gay Team ----- Robbie
Leftovers / Leftovers Again # 2Unknown Story ----- Linda Knights
Light Is Just Now Reachin' EarthThe L-Team ----- Robert Collins
Losing FaceThe Computer Age Strikes Back ----- Susan Taylor and Sarah Tindall
Fair's Fair ----- Susan Taylor and Sarah Tindall
The Lengthening Chain ----- Susan Taylor and Sarah Tindall
More Than Just a TeamMore Than Just a Team ----- Morgan
On the Jazz (Print) # 8Guilty ----- Jackie Edwards
Reflections ----- Teresa Ward
On the Jazz (Print)Unknown Story ----- Unknown
One More Time / SCAM Presents # 1The A-Team ----- Carol Ford
The A-Team Chart ----- Cassandra, ISM and Loot
The BA Team ----- Stephen O_Donoghue
BA's Lament ----- Jita
Blue Skies, Black Eyes and Red Face ----- Susan J King
Encore for Boots and Bikinis ----- Linda Hepden
A Kind of Beginning ----- Victoria Jason
The Medic's Tale ----- Dot Fittes
The T-Team ----- Stephen O_Donoghue
One Way or Another # 6Bird in a Gilded Cage ----- Flipper
Games...! ----- T Roubles
The Longest Time ----- Marie Morgan
Matchmaker ----- Flipper
Twas the Night Before Christmas ----- T Roubles
Osiris Files # 2Survive the Alliance Part 4 ----- Lisa Mudano
Our Favorite Things # 1In 'Nam We Trust ----- Cathy L Bryson
Plans, Scams and Vans # 1101 Ways to Break Out of the V.A. Hospital ----- H M Murdock
Invasion of Air-Space ----- Laura Michaels
Rockin' Down the House ----- Laura Michaels
Private DebriefingDangling Maneuvers ----- Bogey
The Eye of the Hurricane ----- Sheona Welsh
Hardtimes ----- A Wildnight
In the Pink ----- Porn
It Shouldn't Happen to a 'Vette ----- H Drummock
Sink or Swim ----- Bogey
Unknown Story ----- Chani Lee
Unknown Story ----- I April
Unknown Story ----- Sheridan Allen
A Whale of a Tale ----- Brian H Longstaff
Wishful Thinking ----- Bogey
Professional Help: The Team Is In / Open for Business # 1Gift Certificate ----- Lori Beatty
Oak Alley ----- Jackie Edwards
Snowbound! ----- Jackie Edwards
Refractions # 3Unknown Story ----- Laura Michaels
Return of Scenario / Scenario # 2Amy's Thoughts ----- Juli Cleveland
Cave In ----- Jackie Edwards
Delta Dawn, Revisited ----- Juli Cleveland
Kinship ----- Juli Cleveland
Ruckus in Madoc CountyUnknown Story ----- Unknown
Saving FaceAll Passion Spent ----- Susan Taylor and Sarah Tindall
No Time Like The Present ----- Susan Taylor and Sarah Tindall
The Switch ----- Susan Taylor and Sarah Tindall
Scenario # 1One Beginning ----- Juli Cleveland
Record Revised ----- Lori Beatty
SidewinderExtreme Political Pressure ----- Owen Pentecost
Incident at DaNang ----- Owen Pentecost
Report to the General ----- Owen Pentecost
Sidewinder ----- Owen Pentecost
Slap in the Face / DanielleSlap in the Face / Danielle ----- Susan Taylor and Sarah Tindall
Southern Lights # 2Conspiracy ----- Jackie Edwards
Southern Lights # 5United We Stand ----- Teresa Ward
Southern Lights # 6Blake's 7 Get Smart with a Team Lost in Space ----- Felis Sylvestris
Tales From TAT # 2Brothers in Arms ----- Diane Spenser
Face Meets a Lady ----- Lynda Craney
Father Figure ----- Jan Harley
Memories ----- Sola Starshine
A Night for a Fright ----- Adrian Townsend
Shipwreck ----- Tracy Humphreys
Teacher's Pet ----- Diane Buckley
Tales From TAT # 3Adventure in Oz ----- Rae McAnally
Bite ----- Jan Harley
Caught in the Rain ----- Debbie Johnson
Christmas ----- Lynda Craney
Early Days ----- Bogey
Howling ----- Jan Harley
Last Chance ----- Jan Harley
The Letter ----- Lynda Craney
Merry Christmas Mr. Murdock ----- Diane Buckley
An Ode to BA ----- Sharrone Houseley
Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word ----- N N Pellegrini
A Taxing Affair ----- Sharon White
Very Far Away ----- Francis Bishop
Young at Heart ----- Debbie Johnson
TATAS Newsletter # 1Ze Bathtub Drama ----- Lynne Norman
TATAS Newsletter # 3After-Victory Team ----- Unknown
Alone in the Night ----- Diane Spenser
Great Expectations ----- Wyvern
Triple A Service ----- Sheryl Adsit
TATAS Newsletter # 4The Day the Underworld Fell ----- Jane Gregory
Hannibal's Diet ----- Dynamite Dee
Happy New Year ----- N N Pellegrini
I've an Idea ----- Anonymous
TATAS Newsletter # 5Johnny Smith - A Starlog Exclusive ----- Jenny Lee Stone
Justice ----- Lynne Norman
No Matter How Old ----- Wyvern
TATAS Newsletter # 6Doesn't Matter What the Risk Is ----- Wyvern
No Hero's Welcome ----- Elion Slayer
TATAS Newsletter # 7Bleak Outlook for the Team ----- Dynamite Dee
Revenge is Sweet ----- Dynamite Dee
This is No Vacation Part 1 ----- Adrian Townsend
TATAS Newsletter # 8Strangers in the Night ----- Diane Spenser
Teardrops in the Rain ----- Sue Bowley
This is No Vacation Part 2 ----- Adrian Townsend
TATAS Newsletter # 10Do You Remember? ----- N N Pellegrini
Double Decker ----- Owen Pentecost
Silly 'Games' of the 'Mind' ----- Sue Bowley
TATAS Newsletter # 12A Christmas Story ----- Owen Pentecost
Hannibal Gets a Letter ----- Mich Clarke
We Could Always Try Jumping ----- Wyvern
TATAS Newsletter # 13Boots, Bullets and No Bikinis Part 1 ----- Dot Fritte
Journey's End ----- Jan Harley
Kid ----- Wyvern
The A-Team - Retreat - Part 1 ----- Adrian Townsend
TATAS Newsletter # 14Boots, Bullets and No Bikines Parts 2-3 ----- Dot Fritte
The Lonely Hearts Colonel ----- Madelaine Jenner
Mirror Images ----- Sharon White
Mirror Mirror on the Wall ----- Owen Pentecost
The A-Team - Retreat - Part 2 ----- Adrian Townsend
TATAS Newsletter # 16A Groaner ----- Brian H Longstaff
TATAS Newsletter # 17By Any Other Name ----- A Riter
Deprived! ----- Anonymous
The Say UNCLE Affair - Epilogue II ----- Diane Spenser
Trespassers! ----- Helen Service
TATAS Newsletter # 19Goldilocks and the Three Bears ----- S Potts
In the Beginning ----- S Potts
TATAS Newsletter # 20A is for Absolutely Anything ----- Debbie Johnson
Treble Brewing / SCAM Presents # 3Any Wednesday ----- Lori Beatty
The Arrangement ----- Judy Wrighton
Fatal Error ----- J G Park
Getting Home ----- Klutz
The Labyrinth ----- Thea Quinn
Message for Maria ----- Judy Wrighton
Missing in Action ----- Diane Buckley
Old Man River ----- N N Pellegrini and Captain Sensible
One Night in the DOOM Club ----- Tracy Humphreys
Oriental Black Eyes Meet Occidental Brown ----- Diane Buckley
Pecking Away at the System ----- Felis Sylvestris
Road Games II ----- N N Pellegrini and Captain Sensible
Two's CompanyTwo's Company ----- Sandy
Ultimate Mary SueThe Pen is Mightier ----- Virginia Wurth / Narrelle Harris
Whatever Gets You Through the Night # 1The Newlyweds ----- Jasmine
The Wait ----- Lynda
Whatever Gets You Through the Night # 2Face and BA Come Together ----- Denise
Games People Play ----- Range Ryder
Is This a Pass? ----- Gatorella and Aquamaniac
Quiet Seduction ----- Jasmine
WhispersA Friend in Need ----- Jane Anderson
Wild Cards # 3Only One of Us is Coming Back ----- Melissa Mastoris
Wild JazzUnknown Story (multiple) ----- CJW
Zine Aid # 2The Respectful Child ----- Debbie Johnson
Zine Aid # 3Chinese Emerald ----- Kelita

Other Missing Stories

These stories have disappeared into the Netherworld. If you have a link or a copy, please let me know. Thank you!

Story Title Author
Abduction of InnocenceKamikaze
BA SurvivorJipster and Logansmoneypenny
Bald-Be-GoneDucky the Loon
Dickens in the VanAuntie Hill
Election in the VanAuntie Hill
Episodic InteractionsZesty Toad Puffs
The First BrickOne Shiny Mess
Free as a BirdLtCmAJ
Gender TheoryUsh
The Hum of LightsUsh
I DoBaked_Goldfish
I Remember ChristmasSabrina Helayna Ardeloes
Illegal Highs and Unit LowsNorthernStar
Jailhouse RockLive Lady Roadkill
Late Night Lovin'Kre17
Late Night With Some WineStarluck
The Less Fortunate Among Uspeppe1951
Little Orphan MurdockDucky the Loon and Captain Ratgirl
My WayKre17
The Night the Earth Went WrongDucky the Loon and Captain Ratgirl
Night TerrorsHowlinmadtherapist
No Matter WhatWhite Gem
An Old Bold Pilot: Murdock's Lost MissionNicole Wilson
Red's Birthday PartyLacy
The Room MateLonely Walker
Star LightMeridocbrandybuck
The X-TeamBlack Gem

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