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Title (* Movie)
Previous Story Notes Author Location
T-Shirt TherapyUnfinishedFallenAngel218AO3
T+73JunkfoodmonkeyARCH (WB)
Tabula RasaSkybright DayeFFN
" "FFN-M
Tactical Maneuvers *evening_bat0311
" "DW13
" "LJ105
Tag, Your It!HannurdockDOCK
" "LJ120
Tailoring *snack_size11355
Take A Walk on the WildsidefyrbyrdAO3
Take CareJullian GrayARCH (WB)
Take Heed of December *Anonymous0311
Take It Off *napalmedsteak19117
Take Me BackMonteARCH (WB)
Take Me Out *DMitchell1985AO3
" "INS02
Take Me Out to the Ball Game in G Majorjohnnypenn16174
Take My Breath Away *srmarybadass0311
" "AO3
" "LJ06
Taken *UnfinisheddestinationmirkwoodFFN
" "FFN-M
Taken - A Sequel *XOver - Taken
Chapter 1
" "Chapter 217196
" "AO3
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
" "LJ43
Taken For A RideMen At WorkNineteenth Story in SeriesTessa54Serials
Taking a Break *First Story in Seriesloves_booksSerials
Taking Advantage *danang1970LJ50
Taking Care *UnfinishedMattoraPrivate
Taking Care of the Ladies *Ref:The Only ManSpot_On60AO3
Taking Care of You *DreamingThird Story in SeriesdeloritaSerials
Taking ControlTessa54AO3
Taking One for the Team *Anonymous0311
Taking One for the Team *Ref:Porny PornDark_Morgaine1086
" "LJ97
Taking Orders *srmarybadass0311
" "AO3
" "LJ06
Taking Proper Care of Your Colonel *loves_booksAO3
" "LJ51
Taking the Bullet *First Story in SeriesolivemonkeySerials
Taking the Final StepFormal WearTwelfth Story in SeriesTessa54Serials
Taking the PlungeLive Lady RoadkillARCH (WB)
A Tale of Silk Secrets *Unfinishednapalmedsteak6909
A Tale of Six Scars *indigo_angels6909
" "PrologueDW20
" "Chapter 1DW20
" "Chapter 2DW20
" "Chapter 3DW20
" "Chapter 4DW20
" "Chapter 5DW20
" "Chapter 6DW20
" "Chapter 7DW20
" "LJ100
A Tale of TanisA-Team Through TimeJill RipleyPrivate
A Tale of the Unexpected *indigo_angels1981
" "LJ100
A Talented Tongue *Anonymous0311
TalismanXOver - Charmed
Prologue-Chapter 11
Viskey HeroMouseARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 12-20ARCH (WB)
Talking it Out *Needed WordsMarvel
Sixteenth Story in Series
Talking to the ColonelEnglishspiritARCH (WB)
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Talking TurkeyJavelinJAV
Tall IssueBillyBILLY
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Taming the Beast *yuki_nakayama_hidaka16174
" "Chapter 1LJ87
" "Chapter 2LJ87
Tangled WebFirst Story in SeriesAndromeda SilverSerials
Tangled WebChapter 1-6LovinFaceARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 7-9ARCH (WB)
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
" "AO3
" "DW19
" "LJ65
Tap CodeGaraceFFN
" "FFN-M
Tarzan of the Farmyard1986 A-Team Annual
Reference Only
AnonymousRES (WB)
Untitled (Taste) *lady_lade1086
The Taste of YouPoemRedARCH (WB)
Tattle Tale
/ Show and Tell Day
January Holiday CollectionShadowwalker213Serials
Tattoos *HandwithQuill11355
" "AO3
" "Chapter 1LJ91
" "Chapter 2LJ91
" "Chapter 3LJ91
" "EpilogueLJ91
Tavern Wenches *Templeton's RevengePast Lives Stories Collectionsonora_conejaSerials
Tawnia's BodyJunkfoodmonkeyARCH (WB)
Tawnia's DilemmaSherryGabsARCH (WB)
Tawnia's First DayBillyBILLY
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Tawnia's RevelationLdotFFN
" "FFN-M
Tawnia's TurnJPSmilesFFN
" "FFN-M
Taxi-Cab WarsTranscriptStephen J. Cannell
Frank Lupo
The Tea PartyUnicornLokiFFN
" "FFN-M
Teach Me Tiger *napalmedsteak4432
Teaching LessonsDelorita1086
" "DW11
" "LJ43
Teaching Them a LessonChapter 1AngievetteARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 2ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 3ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 4ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 5ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 6-7ARCH (WB)
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
The TeamPoemLynda CraneyCHAE
The Team and the Time LordXOver - Doctor WhoPsychoGeekAO3
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Team Decision *First Story in SeriesThermSerials
A Team EffortAirwaves Multimedia Special 1
XOver - Knight Rider
Brenda CallagherPrivate
A Team Effort *Stiney17196
" "AO3
" "FFA-M
Team FuzziesCharonARCH (WB)
The Team is WaitingJohannaARCH (WB)
The Team Life *alymunFFN
" "FFN-M
Team MeetingHannurdockDOCK
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Team Meeting UncensoredHannurdockDOCK
Team SpiritRevenge of Frisky Business 2RobbiePrivate
A Team of Like Minded IndividualsUnfinishedLucilliaFFN
" "FFN-M
Team of OneDanielleARCH (WB)
The Team WarpPoemKristin MunsonACAD
Teaming With TalesUnfinishedmutentsPrivate
The Team's GemA&E StudioWAT
The Team's Misadventures
/ The Team's Misadventures in England
and Flight
and Susie
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Teamwork *Unfinishedstackcats4432
Tear Through the Stitching at Last *hellornothingAO3
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Tears of Gloryjohnnypenn16174
Tease *wave_of_sorrow13212
" "AO3
" "LJ116
Untitled (Teaser) *Anonymous1086
Teasing Mother Nature
/ Karen’s Third Response
So Long the Winter34th Story in Series
Challenge 6
Karen DavisSerials
Teddy Bear PicnicFirst Story in SeriesMonteSerials
Teddybear with Kitten *
/ Enter Mildred
" "AO3
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the A-Team
/ Old Stories
XOver - Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesHannurdockARCH (WB)
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
The Teenagers Vs the Monster of Crane BayAeiuARCH (WB)
Teething Trouble *The White HouseFourth Story in Seriesindigo_angelsSerials
The Television Premier of "Art with Murdock"First Story in SeriesH M MurdockSerials
Tell Me About the Good Ol' DaysLive Lady RoadkillARCH (WB)
Tell Me Again *HandwithQuill13212
" "AO3
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
" "LJ91
Tell Me I Was DreamingVideo ScriptTiffany May HarrschARCH (WB)
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
" "PAR
" "SQW
Tell Me It's Not TrueWho's Gonna HearSecond Story in SeriesFingersSerials
Telling An Old FriendSusie OwensARCH (WB)
Telling Secrets *First Story in SeriesSpot_On60Serials
Temp-tationChallenge 9
Ref:Cabin Fever
JunkfoodmonkeySLASH (WB)
Temper, TemperJullian GrayARCH (WB)
Temperance *Anonymous0311
Templeton Cassidy and the Murdock KidSnickersmoboSLASH (WB)
Templeton Faceman PeckparkouronweekendsAO3
Templeton Peck ImaginesLady Lt.Ripley AndersonWAT
Templeton Peck's Thanksgiving DealSusie OwensARCH (WB)
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Templeton's At It AgainLaudehr88Private
Templeton's Revenge *The CaribbeanPast Lives Stories Collectionsonora_conejaSerials
Temporarily Splitting *Anonymous0311
The Temptation of Boscoe BaracusMeridocbrandybuckARCH (WB)
The Temptations of SpringTrista_zevkiaAO3
" "DW12
" "LJ63
Tempting Fate
/ Hot
Quick PickShadowwalker213Serials
Tempus FugitRita G MacAuslanGEO
Tempus Fugit, GodspeedUnfinishedClorindaPrivate
Tempus Fugit, GodspeedProtectors of the A-TeamIndemaatSerials
Ten Months *Icee67FFN
" "FFN-M
Ten Thousand Bullets and a StakeXOver - Buffy the Vampire Slayer / MacGyverAsh’s BoomstickFFN
" "FFN-M
Ten Ways to Tell HimMultiple Crossovers
Chapter 1-3
Sarah GerberARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 4ARCH (WB)
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Ten Years
/ A Spot of Drabble Rousing
Skybright DayeFFN
" "FFN-M
Tenants of the SkyThe Patron Saint of Con MenFourth Story in SeriesAvatar2Serials
A Tendency to Start FiresPlans, Scams and Vans 5Amanda BogardusPSV 5
Tension BreakDrabbles and Mini Fics CollectionJunkfoodmonkeySerials
A Tent Built for ThreeWafflesSLASH (WB)
Tequila and ChablisMonteARCH (WB)
Terminal Velocity *Unfinishedluddite_heart17196
Terms of SurrenderComing to TermsSecond Story in SeriesSnowFlakeSerials
A Terrible Sort of Senselovova2941
Terrible TwosWe Got There In the EndThird Story in Seriesalphamikefoxtrot15Serials
Territory of LiesCatching TwilightSixth Story in SeriesCathaySerials
Terror and Tenderness in the NightA Cabin in the NightThird Story in Series
The Terrors in MemoriesLAGCFFN
" "FFN-M
The Test *ocean_blue1519117
Untitled (The Test) *ocean_blue151981
Test of FriendshipChapter 1-7Susie Owens
and Red
" "Chapter 8ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 9ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 10ARCH (WB)
" "FFN-M
/ Free
Quick PickShadowwalker213Serials
The Tethered GhostJunkfoodmonkeyAO3
" "ARCH (WB)
" "DW15
" "JFM
Texas Please *matryoshkhaPrivate
Textbook Abandonment BluesNejiKikyoAnimeRoseARCH (WB)
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Thank Heaven for Amy AllenMissing Scene 2LogansmoneypennySLASH (WB)
Thank Heaven for Little GirlsLacey McBainAO3
" "ARCH (WB)
Thank the StormDefinitely a SweetieSecond Story in SeriesFutureFoxSerials
Thank YouCassiopiaCASS
The Thank YouBurning BridgesThird Story in SeriesRebecca BradstreetSerials
Thank You, Clive ChristianMauMauKaFFN
" "FFN-M
Thank You, Sir *Writer5AO3
" "FFN-M
Thankful ForReaganARCH (WB)
Thanks for NothingJunkfoodmonkeyAO3
Thanks for the BugsFirst Story in SeriesUshSerials
Thanks for the MemoryBillyBILLY
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
ThanksgivingGeorgia BentzARCH (WB)
Thanksgiving, 1993Excerpt"Bitter Harvest"Rita RactliffeARCH (WB)
A Thanksgiving SurpriseFranne GolanARCH (WB)
That Damn Truth Stuff *littlebixuit0311
That Don't Impress Me MuchreNtZgLeekFFN
" "FFN-M
That Far-off Country
/ Box / Pain
Quick PickShadowwalker213Serials
That Fateful First *RecoveringTheSatellitesFFN
" "FFN-M
That Four Letter WordJunkfoodmonkeyARCH (WB)
That Little Bit Extra *hao_lin16174
That LookJasmineARCH (WB)
That Means a LotthecrazyalaskanDEV003
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
That Means Yes *tuesday0311
" "AO3
That One Time H.M Saved Humanity *X-Over-WALL-EDarkimpalaAO3
That SmellJPSmilesFFN
" "FFN-M
That Special Friend *Icee67FFN
" "FFN-M
That Special Something *napalmedsteak1981
That Was What It Was LikethecrazyalaskanDW17
" "LJ113
That's DifferentthecrazyalaskanDW17
" "LJ113
That's How I Wanna GoWaynesgraysonAO3
That's LifeHowlin' MaraFFN
" "FFN-M
That's My Girl *BlueNBlackRosesFFN
" "FFN-M
That's My JobEmerald Princess 20ARCH (WB)
That's What Friends Are ForOsaka86FFN
" "FFN-M
The Endloves_booksAO3
" "LJ51
Their Last Night *sonora_conejaDW35
Their SongMuchachaKurtsieDEV003
Their Special DayBlack StarSecond Story in SeriesBatwomanSerials
Their World (And Welcome to It)WIP (Chapter 11)Shadowwalker213SHAD
Them That Asks No QuestionsFRAK #9Janet EllicotPrivate
Theme of the Day *Snow DayTenth Story in Seriessnack_sizeSerials
Theory of (Im)probabilities *XOver - Doctor Whowave_of_sorrow19117
" "AO3
Theory of RevolutionElamaeSLASH1
Theory of RevolutionTranscriptSteven L. Sears
Burt Pearl
Theory of UsProtecting ThemNineteenth Story in SeriesCathaySerials
TherapyFirst Story in SeriesFace's New FlameSerials
There Are Top Dogs And Then There Are Wolves *niektete2941
" "AO3
" "LJ31
There Goes the NeighborhoodRhonda EudalyFFN
" "FFN-M
" "GEN
There is No Plan B *XOver - Sherlock Holmes
First Story in Series
Darth StitchSerials
There Is No Plan B *UnfinishedSlaubaPrivate
There Was Once a Mad Pilot Named MurdockComp:There Was Once a Young Man Named Facey
CasperARCH (WB)
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
" "SQW
There Was Once a Young Man Named FaceyComp:There Was Once a Mad Pilot Named Murdock
CasperARCH (WB)
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
" "SQW
Thereby Hangs a TailOne Way or Another 3T. RoublesPrivate
There's a LineUnfinishedkatbybeeFFN
" "FFN-M
There's Always A CatchWargamingSuperNoobAO3
There’s No Business…Challenge 6LarkSLASH (WB)
There's No Denying the Werewolf in the Room Anymore *The Slay-TeamFifth Story in SeriesStineySerials
There's No Face in This FaceRainbow (by Spot_On60)XOver - Series / Movie
Second Story in Series
There's No Place Like NomeMonteARCH (WB)
There's No Running AwayFirst Story in SeriesFyrbyrdSerials
There's This Place *littlebixuitPrivate
These Boots Were Made for Walking *Anonymous0311
These Things Get Louder *XOver - The Losersstorm_petrelAO3
" "DW37
These Things HappenzerodarylsAO3
They Are Each Other's MatchesFirst Story in Seriesateamlover100781Serials
Untitled (They Couldn't Put Their Plan Into Action) *sleepwarfare0311
They DancedDr Austin A WinchesterPrivate
They Don't Have to Understand *torncorpse0311
" "LJ21
They're Like Tissue Paper and Dynamite *matryoshkhaPrivate
They're Making a MOVIE?!ooOOooFifth Story in SeriesH M MurdockSerials
Thick Skin *danang19706909
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
" "LJ50
Thicker Than Water *flashwitchAO3
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Untitled (The Thief) *tvcatbarn0311
The Thin End of the WedgeMadelyn ScottNCOM
Thin Line Between Love and Hate *johnnywalkerblu1086
The Things a Face Can Hide *johnnywalkerblu1086
Things BA Loves *loves_books19117
" "AO3
" "LJ51
Things Could Be WorseJunkfoodmonkeyAO3
" "ARCH (WB)
" "JFM
Things Could Be Worse *somewhatclichePrivate
Things Have Changedjohnnypenn13212
The Things I Do *splotcherAO3
Things I Hate About You - Face's StoryAeiuAO3
" "ARCH (WB)
Things I Hate About You - Hannibal's StoryAeiuAO3
" "ARCH (WB)
Things That Go Bump in the NightClosed for Remodeling 2Denise SheetsPrivate
Things that Make You Say HMPlans, Scams and Vans 4Rhonda EudalyPrivate
Things that Never Happened to Anya or Did They?XOver - Buffy the Vampire SlayerTeriAO3
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Things to Come *stackcats6909
Things Unsaid *notjustaface
and notthatcrazy
The Things We Do for LoveFyrbyrdAO3
Things Were Never Like This in Fort BraggA-Team File 2A S LawrencePrivate
The Things You Don't SeeMissing Scene 5EmmastarkSLASH (WB)
Things You EarnDrabbles and Mini Fics CollectionJunkfoodmonkeySerials
Things You RememberLeia FeeARCH (WB)
Think Straight *torncorpse0311
" "LJ21
Thinking about Golf BallsDukefan01AO3
Thinking About NightmaresThanks for the BugsSecond Story in SeriesUshSerials
Third Eye Open*fuzipenguinAO3
" "DW50
" "LJ15
Thirsty BootsDeadly Maneuvers 2JavelinPrivate
Thirteen RoomsJudasFmFFN
" "FFN-M
Thirteen T-Shirts of LoveSusie OwensARCH (WB)
Thirteen Ways BA Shut Murdock Up and Once He Was At a Loss for Words *tuesday0311
" "AO3
" "EST
38 HoursUnfinishedMungo_of_MaunderyAO3
This and That
/ Juggling Day
June Holiday CollectionShadowwalker213Serials
This and That *Spot_On60AO3
This Charming Man *sapphirexpent0311
" "LJ85
This Is How Stories End *wave_of_sorrow17954
" "AO3
" "LJ116
This Is How the World Begins *Send SomebodyMultiple Crossovers
Fourth Story in Series
This Is How We Met (or At Least I Think It Was)mutentsAO3
This Is Our Life *notthatcrazyDW49
This is the A-TeamPoemHannibalFan52ARCH (WB)
This Is The EndFyrbyrdAO3
This is the LifeLynda CraneyCHAE
This Is the Song That Never EndsLornaARCH (WB)
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
This Is This and That Is That *I Wanna Hold Your HandFourteenth Story in SeriesDarth StitchSerials
This Is What Mardi Gras Is For, BossI Think It's the Boots, BossSecond Story in Series
This KissElizabeth KentSLASH1
This Little Team Went to MarketPlans, Scams and Vans 5Mary SauersPSV 5
This Road We've TravelledTwo Sides of a ConversationFourth Story in Series
Alternative Sequel #3
This Serious JointIt'sTimeToDanceFFN
" "FFN-M
This Way *napalmedsteak17090
This YearLieutenant Templeton PeckARCH (WB)
Tho’ It Drive Men SaneEverything But the Kitchen Sink 1Tim BushPrivate
Untitled (Those Two Things) *stackcats1086
" "LJ35
Those Who WanderAuntie HillPrivate
Though You May Vote Alone
/ A Spot of Drabble Rousing
Skybright DayeFFN
" "FFN-M
The ThoughtsWriter5AO3
Thoughts Inside the BoxHannibalFan52ARCH (WB)
Thoughts, Offered to the NightStompy SaraARCH (WB)
Thoughts on the Man known as Colonel John Hannibal SmithTheLibertyKingdomAO3
Thoughts on Crystal LakeTessa54AO3
Thoughts on JamestownTessa54AO3
Thousand EyesXOver - The Man from U.N.C.L.E.WolfaMoonAO3
A Thousand WordsBunnySLASH (WB)
Three Christmas Drabbles *loves_booksLJ51
Three for the Show *chaucer_writes0311
" "LJ121
Three Funerals *splotcherAO3
Three Good Reasons *tripatchDW08
Three HBAMF DrabblesniekteteAO3
Three is Not a CrowdCatARCH (WB)
Three Letters *loves_booksAO3
" "LJ51
Three Little FugitivesSherryGabsARCH (WB)
Three Little WordsAnonymous0311
Three Little Words *stackcats13949
Three Plus OneFloris_OrenAO3
Three Rangers and a Baby *Unfinishednapalmedsteak7779
Three Seconds In The SkyMungo_of_MaunderyAO3
Three Short Kink StorieskarenjdAO3
Three Simple Wordsateamlover100781Private
Three StepsComp:WaitingLiz_MoAO3
" "ARCH (WB)
" "DW28
" "LJ110
" "SQW
Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back *torncorpseLJ21
Three Times Colonel Decker Interrogated Captain MurdockBeautifulsideAO3
" "DW67
Three Weeks Off *Icee67FFN
" "FFN-M
Three's a CrowdHeritageThird Story in SeriesHannibalFan52
and Jullian Gray
Thrift Shop Threads *First Story in Seriesnotjustaface
and notthatcrazy
The Thrill of the Hunt
/ How Hannibal and Face Met *
Through a Glass, DarklyDark PassageSecond Story in SeriesElizabeth KentSerials
Through a Tear in the SkyXOver - TorchwoodHuesOfFireWoodAO3
Through Child's EyesMalou 1337ARCH (WB)
Through My Fault *johnnywalkerblu1086
Through Rose Tinted GlassesPrologue-Chapter 9NuttyARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 10-EpilogueARCH (WB)
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Through the Front DoorBillyBILLY
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Through the Looking GlassStompy SaraARCH (WB)
Through the Patio DoorEnglishspiritARCH (WB)
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Through the Ringer *Conference Room and BedroomFourth Story in Seriesateamlover100781Serials
Through the Thin VeilXOver - Nowhere Man, The X-FilesN N PellegriniThe A-FILES
" "AO3
Through the United States with the A-TeamRita G MacAuslanSLASH (WB)
Through the Valley of ClichésRecklessARCH (WB)
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Through the WallsUnfinishedjohnnypenn10467
ThuaML ZambranaPrivate
Thunder *MusicalFangirl00193AO3
Thunder in the SkyFirst Story in SeriesSusie OwensSerials
Thunder of HoovesXOver - Temeraireswordznsorcery0311
" "AO3
Thunder on the BayWhere Smoke RisesThird Story in SeriesRoxiliciousSerials
Thunderbird WhineEvermoreDRMW
" "GEO
Thy Sweet Embrace *johnnypenn11355
Ti AmoRef:Nightmare
Rita RactliffeARCH (WB)
Tic Tac ToeViskey HeroMouseFFN
" "FFN-M
Tidal ForcesLamardeuseAO3
The Tide is TurningFyrbyrdAO3
The Tide Rolls OnOver the RiverThird Story in SeriesAlandaSerials
Tides of TimeHannurdockDOCK
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Tie Me Up, Calm You DownStiney16174
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
" "LJ118
Tied Up and Spread Out *Anatomy LessonFourth Story in Seriesateamlover100781Serials
Tied Up in RedHello JonoMultiple Crossovers
Eighth Story in Series
Ties that Are Not ThereClorindaPrivate
The Ties That BindMagikspidesARCH (WB)
The Ties That Bind *napalmedsteak1086
" "LJ86
Ties That BindBeneath the SurfaceShadowPrivate
Ties that BindUnfinishedShara ReeFFN
" "FFN-M
Ties that BindTeeARCH (WB)
Tightrope WalkCulture ShockFifth Story in SeriesJunkfoodmonkeySerials
Til Death Do Us PartAnonymous19117
Til Death Do Us PartTranscriptBabs GreyhoskyRES (WB)
Til Thenjohnnywalkerblu19117
Till Death Do Us - Wait, What?!Anonymous1086
Till Sleep Do Us PartBillyBILLY
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Till the End of TimeMonteARCH (WB)
" "Challenge 8SLASH (WB)
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
TimeXOver - Back to the Future
" "FFN-M
TimeJullian GrayAO3
" "ARCH (WB)
Time *Spot_On60AO3
Time and Distance EnoughMissing Scene 6MerynSLASH (WB)
Time and FateJullian GrayAO3
" "ARCH (WB)
Time and Space *szmAO3
" "LJ54
The Time BetweenEmmastarkSLASH (WB)
Time for DessertFirst Story in SeriesBettySerials
A Time for FamilyGeorgia BentzARCH (WB)
A Time for FamilyJanet JeffriesARCH (WB)
A Time for MiraclesFace of an AngelFFN
" "FFN-M
Time for ReflectionFirst Story in SeriesJenSerials
A Time for WarHannurdockDOCK
" "
/ A-Team Short Stories
" "FFN-M
Time Has ComeTis the SeasonFifteenth Story in SeriesIvanovaSerials
Time in a Bottle
/ Time
Quick PickShadowwalker213Serials
Time of Our LivesTwo Years OnFourth Story in SeriesLonely WalkerSerials
The Time of Your LifeDiverse Dimensions 5
X-Over T J Hooker
David GordonPrivate
The Time of Your Life (sorta)Jailhouse Rock25th Story in SeriesLive Lady RoadkillSerials
Time OffLani BranzuelaAO3
" "ARCH (WB)
A Time to ForgetSidhewolfSQW
Time to Make Some MemorieshectorshomeARCH (WB)
" "LJ69
Time to PayChickyBabyARCH (WB)
Time to Shine *napalmedsteak19117
Time to TortureLittleMonkeyDogFFN
" "FFN-M
Time Well Spent *ocean_blue1510467
" "Chapter 1LJ66
" "Chapter 2LJ66
TimelessSnowFlakeARCH (WB)
Timeless FlightkaraokegalAO3
" "DW68
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Timeline *Multiple Crossovers
First Story in Series
Timeline of a Relationship *Unfinishedwave_of_sorrow16174
Times Can Change *delorita17090
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
" "LJ43
Times PastPartialSabrina Helayna ArdeloesARC2
" "CompletePrivate
Timing is Everything *deacertes2941
" "LJ88
Timing Is Everything *Missing PiecesTwelfth Story in Seriesindigo_angelsSerials
Tin Can AlleyBillyBILLY
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
The Tin ManEmerald Princess 20ARCH (WB)
Tin-Pot Terrorists and Other Crap *sonora_coneja2941
" "DW35
The Tiny Blocker *A Special GiftSecond Story in SeriesPanda77777Serials
Tiny Bubbles
/ Bubble Bath Day
January Holiday CollectionShadowwalker213Serials
The TipDanielleARCH (WB)
Tiramisu Be Damned *ImogenAmor42AO3
" "ARCH (WB)
" "BOX2
Tis the SeasonBaked_GoldfishPrivate
Tis the SeasonRunawayFourteenth Story in SeriesIvanovaSerials
Tis the Season for FamilyAdaliaARCH (WB)
To and From BorneoFuziPenguin0311
" "AO3
" "DW50
" "LJ15
To Argentina, without LoveXOver - Hogan's HeroesSimoneSezFFN
" "FFN-M
To Be A ManFirst Story in SeriesKasia BSerials
To Be Like Other CouplesKiwiCancanAO3
To Be Lovedateamlover100781Private
To Be Your ValentineRemembrance QuartetFourth Story in SeriesAnge
and Kathye
To Belongjohnnypenn10467
To Boldly Go Where No Smeggy Silk Jammies Have Gone Before
/ To Boldy Go Where No Silk Jammies Have Gone Before
Range Ryder
and N N Pellegrini
To Cali on the RhineishildePrivate
To Catch a StarBlazing StarThird Story in SeriesMurdock's DocSerials
To Dye ForPamARCH (WB)
To Each His StormSierra SutherwindsFFN
" "FFN-M
To Feel *torncorpse0311
" "LJ21
To Have and to HoldMadelyn ScottACAD
To Heal a DreamWyvernEZRA
" "WYV
To Hear Your VoiceIcee67FFN
" "FFN-M
To Hell and BackXOver - Emergency!
To Honorable EnemiesDeadly Maneuvers 1Irene Snyder SchwartingPrivate
To Kill AgainRouxmansFFN
" "FFN-M
To Know What Love Is *Unfinishederikomatsuda0311
To Make a House a Home *johnnywalkerblu19117
To MamaMurdock CalavicciAO3
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
To Meateamlover100781Private
To MoonRef:Three StepsLiz_MoDW28
" "LJ110
To Save a Lifesss979
and Tiggertoo
To See a ButterflyFirst Story in SeriesShylerSerials
To See a HeartbeatPoemJ_birdARCH (WB)
To Steal a Dream
/ Somnium
To the Moon and Back *ateamlover100781Private
To the Valley: A-Team Down UnderRewriteMystic Angel 007Private
To the Victor Belongs the Spoils *Stiney1981
" "AO3
" "LJ118
To the Victor Go the Spoils *Unfinisheddeacertes6909
To the WireCanon-FireAO3
" "a target="_blank"href="https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13248620/1/To-the-Wire">FFN
" "FFN-M
A Toast, to the End of the WorldMahiri ChumaPrivate
Today is the First DayBarbara ColemanACAD
Today My World Slipped AwayEmerald Princess 20ARCH (WB)
Together *First Story in Seriesloves_booksSerials
TogetherPartlyARCH (WB)
TogetherSecond Story in SeriesYeahsureyoubetchaSerials
Together AgainThe Clear Light of DayThird Story in SeriesJipster
and Karri
Together Again: EpilogueI Don’t Wanna FightThird Story in SeriesCorkySerials
Together ForeverMarriageThird Story in SeriesSanguine TearSerials
Together Forever *Hip, Hip, Hooray, It's Christmas VacationSecond Story in SeriestalesofthepastSerials
Together Or Not At All *Scholar for ChristFFN
" "FFN-M
Together or Not at Allwonderspider06FFN
" "FFN-M
A Token of Valentine's Dayateamlover100781Private
" "LJ100
Tomorrow is Another DayEllen BrandARCH (WB)
TonightMemento ViverePrivate
Untitled (Tony Stark) *XOver - Ironman
Tony's Little Black Book (Big Heroes) *Multiple fandoms - See: Chapter 20
See: Chapter 50
See: Chapter 43
Too Bad Howling MadClosed for Remodeling 2Mary HughesPrivate
Too Close for DiscomfortAngievetteARCH (WB)
Too Cold for ComfortUnfinishedHannurdock
and Ingunn
" "Chapter 1-4ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 5ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 6ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 7ARCH (WB)
Too Far Gone *
/ April Fool's Day
" "AO3
" "Chapter 1DW35
" "Chapter 2DW35
" "Chapter 3DW35
Too Hot for UniformsJullian GrayARCH (WB)
Too Many Men on the Field *UnfinishedMizHowlinMadFFN
" "FFN-M
Too Noisy and Too Early *loves_books1981
" "LJ51
Too SharpDrabbles and Mini Fics CollectionJunkfoodmonkeySerials
Tools of the Trade *XOver - Supernaturalhermione_vaderLJ99
Tooth Aches, Heart BreaksChapter 1Joy RiddleARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 2ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 3ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 4ARCH (WB)
Toothpaste *sonora_coneja13949
Top O' the Mornin'ThePieHunterFFN
" "FFN-M
Top of the World2theSkyPrivate
Top Priority - Friendshipateamlover100781Private
Torn ApartUnfinished
Chapter 1-4
" "Chapter 5ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 6-7ARCH (WB)
Torn Between Two LoversDon't Take Your Love to Town (?)Fourth Story in SeriesRita G MacAuslanSerials
Torturing the FacemanGeorgia BentzARCH (WB)
The TossFirst Story in SeriesMurdock CalavicciSerials
Totally Not A Date. Date. *notjustaface
and notthatcrazy
Totems: Coyote Understands His DreamsprairiecrowAO3
" "ARCH (WB)
Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me *the_wanlornAO3
" "DW04
A Touch in the DarknessUnfinished
Prologue-Chapter 1
Howlin ThunderbirdARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 2ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 3ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 4ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 5ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 6ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 7ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 8ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 9ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 10ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 11ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 12ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 13ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 14ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 15ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 16ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 17ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 18ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 19ARCH (WB)
A Touch of EdenThe PhantomSecond Story in SeriesMagoth_RaSerials
A Touch of GraceAuntie HillHILL
Touch of the Flu *snack_size4432
A Touch of Two WorldsJavelinJAV
A Touch Starts the Ripples *lady_lade0311
" "LJ34
Touched *One Shots: Ranger EditionOne Shiny Mess0311
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Touched *TheRealAlyshebaFanFFN
" "FFN-M
Touched by GodMonkeyBardAO3
TouchstoneOwlARCH (WB)
Tough GuyLiar, LiarSecond Story in SeriesHuesOfFireWoodSerials
Tough Little BoysUnfinishedBunny1Private
Tough NutDrabbles and Mini Fics CollectionJunkfoodmonkeySerials
The TourMonteARCH (WB)
Tour of Duty *sonora_conejaSerials
The Tower CardDeadly Maneuvers 2Vicki GillPrivate
ToxicodendronAeiuARCH (WB)
The Toy Store *notjustaface
and notthatcrazy
ToysOn the Job22nd Story in SeriesTessa54Serials
Toys 'n Boys *ImogenAmor42AO3
Trackless JourneysJunkfoodmonkeyAO3
" "ARCH (WB)
" "JFM
TraditionDr Austin A WinchesterPrivate
Traditions *indigo_angels13212
Traditions *srmarybadass0311
" "AO3
" "LJ06
Training on the JobXOver - Harry PotterLaumeFFN
" "FFN-M
Trains, Planes and BoatsPlans, Scams and Vans 5D FerraraPSV 5
A Traitor in the MidstHannurdockARCH (WB)
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
" "FFN-M
TranscriptJunkfoodmonkeyARCH (WB)
Transcript of a NightmareKamikazeARCH (WB)
Transfer of EmotionMizHowlinMadARCH (WB)
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
TransformationsOceans BetweenThird Story in SeriescosmosmarinerSerials
Transformations *Emma_OzAO3
Transformer Crossover DrabblesXOver - Transformers
SeeChapter 19
Translator *Anonymous13212
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
The Trap
/ Itch
Quick PickShadowwalker213Serials
TrappedFacing the TruthFourth Story in SeriesKara KirkSerials
Trapped *ocean_blue151981
" "LJ66
Travel Plans *ocean_blue151981
Treat Me Like You Did the Night BeforeCabaretARCH (WB)
Tree Goin' DownSweetheart91597FFN
" "FFN-M
Tree TroubleOriginal
" "Revised
TremorsSherryGabsARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 1-3ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 4-6ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 7-12ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 13-16ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 17-19ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 20-24ARCH (WB)
Trial by Fire *Covert OperationsFourth Story in SeriesLeBratPrincess
and DrowsyFantasy
Trial by FireDishpan ManSecond Story in SeriesTom BlomquistSerials
Trial by WaterMizHowlinMadARCH (WB)
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Trial of FaithHelen Gaynor SmithFB1
The Trial of HM MurdockJunkfoodmonkeyAO3
" "ARCH (WB)
" "JFM
Trial of the InnocentLittleMonkeyDogFFN
" "FFN-M
The Trials at Hand *acidquillAO3
Trials of the Temporarily One-Handed *loves_booksAO3
" "LJ51
TributeWhere were YOU?!Elizabeth KentFB1
A Tribute to the A-TeamPoemAnonymousNCOM
Trick nor TreatA Nannie MouseARCH (WB)
Trick or Treat! *cosmosmariner2941
" "LJ08
Tricks of the Mind *loves_booksLJ51
Triggered MemoriesJPSmilesFFN
" "FFN-M
Trio - Leaning / Eye of the Beholder / DreamsCameradoTenth Story in SeriesLamardeuseSerials
The TripKre17SLASH (WB)
Trip the Trope Fandango *Spot_On60AO3
A Trip to MassachusettsA Valentine's Day OneshotThird Story in SeriesHucklebarrySerials
Triple AJennyARCH (WB)
Triple DeckerVal ThomasARCH (WB)
" "GEO
Trippin’ Along Memory LaneMonkeyBardAO3
Tripping Through the TriangleAJ3FFN
" "FFN-M
Trips In and OutDanzinora SwitchFFN
" "FFN-M
Trophies *AbstractionThirteenth Story in Seriessnack_sizeSerials
Trouble and StrifeTrouble in StoreThird Story in SeriesLynda CraneySerials
Trouble at SchoolDog Gone It, FaceFifth Story in Seriespeppe1951Serials
Trouble DoublesThe Trouble with TiffanySecond Story in SeriesJipster
and Karri
Trouble in StoreShadows from the PastSecond Story in SeriesLynda CraneySerials
Trouble is ComingChapter 1-5Susie Owens
and Red
" "Chapter 6-12ARCH (WB)
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Trouble No MoreDesignation13212
" "OriginalPrivate
" "RevisedFFN
" "FFN-M
Trouble on AOLRabbit Jack's Meets the A-TeamSecond Story in SeriesDanaSerials
Trouble On HeelsMizHowlinMadFFN
" "FFN-M
Trouble on the HudsonStanding in AloneSecond Story in SeriesKatiemarieSerials
The Trouble with InternsWIP (Chapter 8)TheLibertyKingdom /
The Trouble with LocksDanielleARCH (WB)
The Trouble with SilenceThatkliqkidAO3
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
The Trouble with TessOn HiatusShadowwalker213SHAD
The Trouble with Thigh Holsters *loves_books19117
" "LJ51
The Trouble with TiffanyFirst Story in SeriesJipster
and Karri
Troublemaker *PoemPanda7777719117
True Adventures of Valentine's Day *AeiuAO3
True CompanionAlandaSLASH (WB)
True LieGlendaSOUL
True Love *First Story in SeriesdeloritaSerials
True Love, DefinitionMurdy_007CRAIGR
True Love's Kiss *Anonymous1086
A True ScotsmanThe_Time_Travelling_HippieFFN
" "FFN-M
True Tales
/ Tell A Fairy Tale Day
February Holiday CollectionShadowwalker213Serials
TrustG RichmondFFN
" "FFN-M
Trust *purrslink10467
" "DW19
" "LJ65
TrustRita G MacAuslanGEO
Trust *snack_size13212
TrustGoing Out24th Story in SeriesTessa54Serials
Trust and Tenderness *ateamlover100781Private
Trust ExerciseJunkfoodmonkeyAO3
" "ARCH (WB)
" "JFM
Trust, Honesty, and CourageFirst Story in SeriesCat414Serials
Trust is Earned *UnfinishedGriffin of the GatesPrivate
Trust is for Prisoners *Ref:The Second BetrayaldestinationmirkwoodFFN
" "FFN-M
Trusting FurtherUnfinishedjohnnypennPrivate
A Trusting Heart *loves_booksAO3
TruthViskey HeroMouseARCH (WB)
The Truth About MudsuckersSandilynn PetersenFFN
" "FFN-M
The Truth About SecretsMae34FFN
" "FFN-M
The Truth About SheetsPoemCabaretARCH (WB)
Truth and ConsequencesA-Team Through TimeChris HammellPrivate
Truth and LiesTerrible TwosFourth Story in Series
Truth Be ToldTrivette Lover HeatherFFN
" "FFN-M
Truth Or Dare *Trial by FireFifth Story in SeriesLeBratPrincess
and DrowsyFantasy
A Truth Spoken Sort-Of *An Early Christmas PresentXOver - Marvel
Fourteenth Story in Series
The Truths I Cannot TellthelogicalghostAO3
Trying Not to Love You *delorita1981
" "AO3
" "LJ43
Trying TimesA Feeling Beyond FriendshipThird Story in SeriesHannurdockSerials
Tryptophan *Unfinishedx-BirdladyPrivate
Tu Vas Voir 1-2Give and Take32nd Story in SeriesLive Lady RoadkillSerials
Tuesday Morning *Sick DaysSecond Story in SeriesHippieGeekGirlSerials
Tuesday, 10 AMSabrina Helayna ArdeloesPrivate
Turbulence at Cruising AltitudePushing the EnvelopeFifth Story in SeriesKennaCSerials
Turkey ClubVal ThomasARCH (WB)
" "GEO
The Turkey ShootSusie OwensARCH (WB)
" "Part 1ATM
" "Part 2ATM
" "Part 3ATM
" "Part 4ATM
" "Part 5ATM
" "Part 6ATM
" "Part 7ATM
" "Part 8ATM
" "Part 9ATM
" "Part 10ATM
" "Part 11ATM
Turn a Green Sea a Deeper BlueFlammenkoboldAO3
Turn Around
/ Pay A Compliment Day
February Holiday CollectionShadowwalker213Serials
Turn the PageUp to a PointThird Story in Series
Live Lady RoadkillSerials
TurnAboutCatherine C. PlummerARCH (WB)
Turnabout *Handful of SilencePrivate
Turnabout's Fair PlayUnfinishedRita RactliffeARCH (WB)
Turning Back TimeHaunted PastSecond Story in SeriesJullian GraySerials
Untitled (Turning Red)UnfinishedmeridocbrandybuckLJ115
TuxedosAuntie HillPrivate
TV Night in the Kingdom of William IIXOver - X-FilesSpinyARCH (WB)
Twas the Night Before ChristmasThe A-Team File #2A S LawrencePrivate
Twas the Night Before ChristmasBillyBILLY
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Twas the Night Before ChristmasMultiple CrossoversSassyInkPenAO3
Twas The Night Before Christmas….in VietnamJullian GrayARCH (WB)
Twelve Days of Christmas *indigo_angelsAO3
Twelve Days of ChristmasparkouronweekendsSerials
The Twelve Days of MissionsPoemCabaretARCH (WB)
Twelve Hours and CountingJullian GrayARCH (WB)
Twelve Hours One TuesdaySkybright DayeFFN
" "FFN-M
The Twelve Prompts Of Christmas *loves_booksAO3
Twenty *mochisquishAO3
Twenty BucksTessa54AO3
28 DaysCabaretARCH (WB)
Twenty First Centry ColonelSummertime Fun26th Story in CollectiongeorgedirkstargazingSerials
Twenty-Five PercentStarrymeSQW
Twenty-One Steps *purrslinkDW19
" "LJ65
Twenty Things *indigo_angelsAO3
Twice as Much TroubleFRAK #7Janet EllicotPrivate
Untitled (Twilight) *XOver - TwilightAnonymous0311
The Twilight of the A-Team *XOver - Twilight
21st Century CatalystPrivate
Twilight of the DawnFirst Story in SeriesGlendaSerials
Twin Pleasures *Anonymous13212
Twin SoulsJunkfoodmonkeyARCH (WB)
Twin TroubleThe Unexpected MembersSecond Story in Seriesretisha.kikerSerials
" "FFN-M
Untitled (Twins in Love) *Twins - Part 3Fourth Story in SeriesdeloritaSerials
Twist and Shout *Anonymous0311
A Twist In TimeXOver - Quantum Leap
Stephanie RobertsAO3
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Twist Of Fate *UnfinishedSerenitySparrowAO3
Two ChristmasesTrioEleventh Story in SeriesLamardeuseSerials
Two Colonels Are Better Than OneXOver - Hogan's HeroesCrazyFMFFN
" "FFN-M
Two Dates *Wait a Minute, What?Ninth Story in SeriesHoodooSerials
Two-Faced *srmarybadass0311
" "AO3
Two Fish Run Into a WallAlpha MalesSecond Story in SeriesTipperSerials
Two for OnejohnnypennARCH (WB)
" "Partial13212
Two Guardian Angels *howlingmary79FFN
" "FFN-M
" "LJ38
Two Hands
/ Shut-in Visitation Day
February Holiday CollectionShadowwalker213Serials
Two Inches (And a Million Miles) from Paradise *sapphirexpent0311
" "LJ85
Two Men And A Dog *loves_booksAO3
" "LJ51
Two Men and a Van *afullmarginAO3
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Two of a KindOne Way or Another 3H EPrivate
Two of a KindSkybright DayeFFN
" "FFN-M
Two of a KindXOver - Hogan's HeroesSusie OwensARCH (WB)
" "FFN
" "FFN-M
Two Paths CrossingTramontanaFFN
" "FFN-M
Two PoemsLieutenant Templeton PeckARCH (WB)
Two Sides of a CoinXOver - Leveragekathierif_ficRIF
Two Sides of a Conversation *First Story in Seriesamerasu1013Serials
Two Steps Back *AeiuHFF
Two Weeks Both Is and Isn't Enough *Paper RosesSecond Story in SeriesHoodooSerials
Two Weeks Of Disney *loves_booksAO3
Two Worlds CollidedfyrbyrdAO3
Two Wrongs May Be RightXOver - The West Wing
First Story in Series
Leanne ShawlerSerials
Two Years *marcicatAO3
Two Years Later *Twins?Second Story in SeriesdeloritaSerials
Two Years OnRipping TimesThird Story in SeriesLonely WalkerSerials
Two's Company *loves_booksLJ51
Tying Up the A-TeamDrabbles and Mini Fics CollectionJunkfoodmonkeySerials

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