1928R.B.[95]Marriage: Richard BANCROFT [89]
1929A.J.[95]Birth-A.J. BANCROFT, Father Richard [89]
1929Sam[89] [95]Samantha-birth, A.J.'s first wife
1930Wife[89] [95]Birth-A.J.'s second wife (died before 1986)
1936John[82]Birth according to Stockwell
1945AdeleAtlanta, GA [01] [62] [95] Residence
1945BAAtlanta, GA [01] [95]Birth; Mother Adele
1945-09-26MILISaigon, South Vietnam [108]1st American death
1946A.J.California [89] [95]17Marriage: Samantha [89]
1946-05-30John[95]18Graduation High School
1947Face[95]Birth; Father AJ Bancroft, Mother Samantha
1950A.J.California [89] [95]21Divorce: Samantha [89]
1950JohnWest Point, New York [01]22Graduation West Point Military Academy
1950-06-03JohnWest Point, New York [95]22Second Lieutenant
1950-06-30MILIKorea [108]Truman enters war
1950-07JohnJapan [95]221st Air Cavalry Division
1950-07-181ACP'ohang-dong, South Korea [96]
1950-07-18JohnKorea [95]221st Air Cavalry Division
1950-07-221ACTaejon, South Korea [96]5th Cavalry
1950-07-221ACYongdong, South Korea [96]8th Cavalry
1950-07-251ACKumch'on, South Korea [96]
1950-07-26MILISouth Vietnam [108]Truman authorized military aid to France
1950-081ACTaegu, South Korea [96]
1950-091ACTaegu, South Korea [96]Failed offensive against the "Walled City"
1950-09-151ACSeoul, South Korea [96]UN offensive
1950-09-271ACOsan, South Korea [96]
1950-09-27MILISaigon, South Vietnam [108]US establishes Military Assistance Advisory Group
1950-10-091ACKumch'on, North Korea [96]
1950-10-141ACKumch'on, North Korea [96]Fell to 1AC
1950-10-191ACP'yongyang. North Korea [96]
1950-11-011ACUnsan, North Korea [96]First encounter with Chinese troops
1950-11-221ACSouth Korea [96]R&R - four days
1950-12-07Face[82]According to Stockwell
1950-12-121ACSeoul, South Korea [96]
1951HM[01] [95]5Mother died
1951-011ACSeoul, South Korea [96]City captured by NKA
1951-021ACHongch'on, South Korea [96]
1951-021ACHwach'on Reservoir, North Korea [96]
1951-051ACP'yonggang, North Korea [96]
1951-071ACSouth Korea [96]Put on reserve until end of month
1951-07JohnKorea [95]231st Air Cavalry Division
1951-07-101ACKaesong, North Korea [96]Cease-fire negotiations started
1951-09-03BA[82]According to Stockwell
1951-10-011ACCh'orwon, South Korea [96]
1951-11-191ACSouth Korea [96]Put on reserve
1951-121ACHokkaido, Japan [96]
1951-12-09MILISouth Vietnam [108]Viet Minh begin hit and run tactics against French
1952FaceLos Angeles, California [01] [95]5Abandoned
1952FaceLos Angeles, California [95]5Angel's Guardian Orphanage
1952-05-30JohnJapan [01] [95]24First Lieutenant
1952-07JohnJapan [95]241st Air Cavalry Division
1952-101ACPusan-Taegu area, South Korea [96]8th cavalry
1952-121ACPusan-Taegu area, South Korea [96]7th cav replaced 8th
1953-01MILIWashington, DC [108]Domino Theory introduced by Pres. Eisenhower
1953-021ACPusan-Taegu area, South Korea [96]5th cav replaced 7th
1953-07JohnJapan [95]251st Air Cavalry Division
1953-07-27MILIKorea [108]War ends
1953-08JohnGuer, France [95]25Camp Coëtquidan
1953-08JohnNapa Valley, CA [66] [95]25Proposed to Kid Harmon's mother
1954-02-27JohnGuer, France [01] [95]26Captain
1954-05-07MILIDien Bien Phu, South Vietnam [108]Major defeat of French army
1954-08JohnGuer, France [95]26Camp Coëtquidan
1954-10MILIVietnam [108]Ho Chi Minh (North), Ngo Dinh Diem (South), installed
1955-01MILISaigon, South Vietnam [108]First direct shipment of U.S. military aid
1955-08JohnGuer, France [95]27Camp Coëtquidan
1955-10-23MILISaigon, South Vietnam [108]Rigged by CIA, Diem elected president
1956A.J.New York, New York [89] [95]27Marriage: Wife [89]
1956-02JohnGuer, France [95]28Camp Coëtquidan
1956-03JohnFort Bragg, NC [95]28SF training begins
1956-07-02JohnFort Bragg, NC [01] [95]28Major
19571ACKorea [97]Patrolled the Demilitarized Zone
1957-06JohnSouth Vietnam [95]291st SFG
1958Ellen[89] [95]Parents: A.J. BANCROFT and 2nd wife
1958-01-23JohnSouth Vietnam [01] [95]30Lieutenant Colonel
1959-03MILIVietnam [108]Ho Chi Minh declares a People's War for unification
1959-05MILIIndochina [108]Construction of Ho Chi Minh Trail begins
1959-07-08MILIBien Hoa, South Vietnam [108]2 American military advisors killed (first of "Vietnam War")