1960FaceLos Angeles, CA[83]13Hit winning HR, orphanage league softball championship
1960JohnPleiku Province, South Vietnam[09][95]32Stationed here as LTC, 5th SFG
1961-01-20MILIWashington, DC[108]JFK inaugurated
1961-02-06MILISouth Vietnam[108]MACV, U.S. Military Assistance Cmd for Vietnam, is formed
1961-03-07JohnSouth Vietnam[01][95]33Colonel
1961-05MILISouth Vietnam[108]400 Green Berets arrive to train ARVN
1961-09JohnSouth Vietnam[95]33Transfer to 5th SFG
1961-09-21SFGFort Bragg, NC5th Special Forces activated
1961-10MILISouth Vietnam[108]Additional advisors arrive as well as helicopter units
1962-03MILISouth Vietnam[108]Operation Sunrise - Strategic Hamlet resettlement program
1962-08MILIKhe Sanh, South Vietnam[108]SF camp set up to monitor VC infiltration
1962-09BAChicago, IL[76][95]17Captain of the football team
1962-09SFGSouth Vietnam[104]Elements of 5th SFG began TDY
1963-01-03MILIAp Bac, South Vietnam[108]3 American helicopter crew members killed
1963-05BAChicago, IL[95]18Graduated high school
1963-05MILISouth Vietnam[108]Buddhist opposition begins
1963-08BAChicago, IL[95]18Enlisted in Army
1963-11-01MILISaigon, South Vietnam[108]Coup against Diem begins (Diem assassinated next day)
1963-11-22MILIDallas, TX[108]JFK assassinated
1964-01BAChicago, IL[85][95]19Finds out about TJ Bryant while home on leave
1964-01BAFort Benning, GA[95]191st Air Cavalry Division
1964-01BAFort Benning, GA[95]19Completed Basic-AIT
1964-01BAFort Benning, GA[95]19PV2
1964-03MILILaos[108]Secret U.S.-backed bombing raids begin
1964-06HM[95]18Graduated high school
1964-06-24SFGSouth Vietnam[105]Project Leaping Lean
1964-08BAFort Benning, GA[95]19PFC
1964-08MILINorth Vietnam[108]First American POW
1964-08-02MILIGulf of Tonkin, North Vietnam[108]Attack on USS Maddox (result of raids by SV commandos)
1964-08-04MILINorth Vietnam[108]First bombing of NV by US
1964-08-07MILIWashington, DC[108]Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
1964-10DeltaNha Trang, South Vietnam[106]Formed (from Leaping Lena)
1964-10HM[95]18Enlisted in Army
1964-11-01MILIBien Hoa, South Vietnam[108]First NVA attack against Americans
1964-12FaceLos Angeles, California[45][95]17All City Quarterback - St Mary's High School
1964-12-09DeltaNinh Hoa Peninsula, South Vietnam[105]II Corps
1965FaceLos Angeles, California[77]18Angel's Guardian Orphanage
1965RayFort Bragg, NC[95]21Promoted 2nd LT
1965-01HMFort Benning, GA[95]19Completed Basic-AIT
1965-01-15DeltaVung Tau, South Vietnam[105]Op 1?-65 - III Corps
1965-02SFGNha Trang, South Vietnam[104]Full deployment completed
1965-02-19DeltaVung Ro Bay, South Vietnam[105]Op 2?-8?-65 - II Corps
1965-03DeltaHue, South Vietnam[105]Op 9-65 - I Corps
1965-03-02MILINorth Vietnam[108]Operation Rolling Thunder begins
1965-03-08MILIChina Beach, South Vietnam[108]First US combat troops arrive
1965-03-29DeltaPhan Rang, South Vietnam[105]Op 10-65 - II Corps
1965-04DeltaPleiku, South Vietnam[105]Op 11-65 - II Corps; Op 12-65
1965-04HMFort Benning, GA[95]19Began OCS
1965-05FaceLos Angeles, California[45][95]18Graduated St Mary's High School
1965-061ACFort Benning, GA[97]43
1965-06SFGNha Trang, South Vietnam[106]Detachment B-52 formed as controller
1965-06-04DeltaPhu Cat, South Vietnam[105]Op 13-65 - II Corps
1965-06-15DeltaBien Hoa, South Vietnam[105]Op 14-65 - III Corps
1965-07DeltaPleiku, South Vietnam[105]Op 15-65 - II Corps
1965-08DeltaPleiku, South Vietnam[105]Op 16, 17, 18-65 - II Corps
1965-09-111ACSouth Vietnam[98]44Deployed
1965-09-11BASouth Vietnam[95]201st Air Cavalry Division
1965-10BASouth Vietnam[95]20Corporal
1965-10-13DeltaQui Nhon, South Vietnam[105]1Op 19-65 - II Corps
1965-10-21DeltaPlei Me, South Vietnam[105]1Siege of Plei Me SF Camp - II Corps
1965-10-291ACPleiku, South Vietnam[97]44Pleiku Campaign
1965-11SFGLaos[107]Operation Shining Brass
1965-11-01DeltaBien Hoa, South Vietnam[105]1Op 21-65 - III Corps
1965-11-01DeltaPlei Me, South Vietnam[105]1Op 20-65 - II Corps
1965-11-25DeltaBinh Thuy, South Vietnam[105]1Op 22-65 - I Corps
1965-11-30DeltaBinh Duong, South Vietnam[105]1Op 23-65 - I Corps
1965-12-15DeltaPhouc Tuy, South Vietnam[105]1Op 24-65 - III Corps
1966-01BA[14][95]21Father beaten by 3 men, almost dies
1966-01HMFort Benning, GA[95]20Completed OCS
1966-01-02DeltaBien Hoa, South Vietnam[105]1Op 1-66 - III Corps
1966-01-26DeltaBinh Dinh Province, South Vietnam[105]1Masher-White Wing - II Corps
1966-02HMFort Benning, GA[95]202nd Lieutenant
1966-03-01DeltaBan Me Thout, South Vietnam[105]1Op 3-66 - II Corps
1966-03-01FABSouth Vietnam[103]
1966-03-13DeltaHue, South Vietnam[105]1Op 4-66 - I Corps
1966-04-13DeltaChu Lai, South Vietnam[105]1Op 5-66 - I Corps
1966-051ACBinh Dinh Province, South Vietnam[98]44Operation Masher-White Wing-Thang Phong II
1966-05FABSouth VietnamArrive Vietnam
1966-05-05DeltaTay Ninh, South Vietnam[105]1Op 6-66 - I Corps
1966-05-23DeltaPleiku Province, South Vietnam[105]1Oasis-Paul Revere - II Corps
1966-06BASouth Vietnam[95]21Sergeant
1966-06HMFort Wolters, TX[95]20Completed Phase 1 Flight Training
1966-06-25DeltaDong Tre, South Vietnam[105]1Op 8-66 - II Corps
1966-07-15DeltaBuon Blech, South Vietnam[105]1Op 9-66 - II Corps
1966-081ACPleiku Province, South Vietnam[98]44Operation Paul Revere II
1966-08-09DeltaTay Ninh, South Vietnam[105]1Op 10-66 - III Corps
1966-09BAFort Bragg, NC[95]21Began SF training
1966-09-02118Tay Ninh, South Vietnam[99]Operation Attleboro
1966-09-09DeltaCam Ranh Bay, South Vietnam[105]1Op 11-66 - II Corps
1966-09-25DeltaTay Ninh, South Vietnam[105]1Op 12-66 - III Corps
1966-101ACBinh Dinh Province, South Vietnam[98]45Operation Irving
1966-10-14DeltaKhe Sanh, South Vietnam[105]2Op 13-66 - I Corps
1966-11HMFort Rucker, TX[95]20Completed Phase 2 Flight Training
1966-12HMFort Rucker, TX[01][95]20118th AHC (Thunderbirds)
1967-01HMSouth Vietnam[95]21118th AHC (Thunderbirds)
1967-021ACII Corps, South Vietnam[98]45Operation Thayer-Pershing
1967-02RayFort Bragg, NC[95]23Promotion - 1st LT
1967-03DeltaAn Khe, South Vietnam[105]2Op 4-67 - (An Lao Valley) II Corps
1967-03JohnLaos[13][95]39Met Ray Brenner
1967-03RayFort Bragg, NC[95]23Completed SF training
1967-03RayLaos[95]23Met Hannibal
1967-03SFGLaos[107]Operation Prairie Fire (new name for Shinig Brass)
1967-03-19118Suoi Tre, South Vietnam[99]III Corps
1967-03-19HMSuoi Tre, S. Vietnam[56][95]21Wounded first time
1967-04DeltaKhe Sanh, South Vietnam[105]2Op 5-67 (PIROUS) - I Corps
1967-04SFGCambodia[107]Operation Daniel Boone
1967-05DeltaPhu Bai, South Vietnam[105]2Op 5-67 (PIROUS) - I Corps
1967-05FaceLos Angeles, California[16][95]20Completed sophomore year of college
1967-05FaceLos Angeles, California[16][95]20Enlisted in Army
1967-05FaceLos Angeles, California[16][95]20Leslie Bektall
1967-06DeltaA Shau, South Vietnam[105]2Op 5-67 (PIROUS) - I Corps
1967-07-06DeltaNha Trang, South Vietnam[105]2Op 6-67 (SHAKEDOWN) - II Corps
1967-07-10DeltaDa Nang, South Vietnam[105]2Op 7-67 (SAMURAI I) - I Corps
1967-08118III Corps, South Vietnam[99]
1967-09-18DeltaDa Nang, South Vietnam[105]2Op 8-67 (SAMURAI II & III) - I Corps
1967-10118Loc Ninh, South Vietnam[100]
1967-10DeltaDa Nang, South Vietnam[105]3Op 8-67 (SAMURAI II & III) - I Corps
1967-10FaceFort Benning, Georgia[95]201st Air Cavalry Division
1967-10FaceFort Benning, Georgia[95]20Completed Basic-AIT
1967-10-10281Kontum, South Vietnam[102]Project Omega
1967-10-19281Kontum, South Vietnam[102]Operation Prairie Fire
1967-11HMSouth Vietnam[95]211st Lieutenant
1967-11HMSouth Vietnam[95]21281st AHC (Intruders)
1967-11-05281Tuy Hoa, South Vietnam[102]Operation Parachute
1967-11-11281Phan Rang, South Vietnam[102]Operation Rose
1967-11-27DeltaKontum, South Vietnam[105]3Op 9-67 (SULTAN) - II Corps
1967-12BASouth Vietnam[95]22Deployed - 5th SFG
1967-12DeltaKontum, South Vietnam[105]3Op 9-67 (SULTAN) - II Corps
1967-12HMSouth Vietnam[71][95]21Air America (CIA-Agent Cheney)
1968281I Corps, South Vietnam[102]Project Delta
1968281II Corps, South Vietnam[102]Project Delta
1968-011ACI Corps, South Vietnam[97]46
1968-011ACQuang Tri, South Vietnam[97]46Liberated
1968-01BADa Nang, South Vietnam[65][95]23With Hulk Hogan during Tet Offensive
1968-01-05MILIKhe Sahn, South Vietnam[109]Operation Niagara I
1968-01-211ACII Corps, South Vietnam[97]46Operation Pershing ended
1968-01-21MILIKhe Sahn, South Vietnam[109]77 day siege begins
1968-01-31MILIHue, South Vietnam[109]Battle for Hue through 03-2 1968
1968-01-31MILISaigon, South Vietnam[109]Battle for Saigon through 03-7 1968
1968-021ACHue, South Vietnam[97]46Liberated
1968-02FaceFort Benning, Georgia[95]212nd Lieutenant
1968-02FaceFort Benning, Georgia[95]21Completed OCS
1968-02RaySouth Vietnam[95]24Promotion - Captain
1968-02-06SFGLang Vei, South Vietnam[110]Camp overrun (Marines-Lowndes)
1968-03BASouth Vietnam[95]23Staff Sergeant
1968-03DeltaPhu Bai, South Vietnam[105]3Op 2-68 (SAMURAI IV) - I Corps
1968-03FaceFort Bragg, NC[95]21Begins SF training
1968-03-02MILISaigon, South Vietnam[109]48 soldiers killed during ambush at Tan Son Nhut airport
1968-03-11MILISaigon, South Vietnam[109]Operation Quyet Thang
1968-03-16MILIMy Lai, South Vietnam[109]300 Vietnamese civilians are slaughtered
1968-04281II Corps, South Vietnam[102]ROK assault
1968-04DeltaPhu Bai, South Vietnam[105]3Op 2-68 (SAMURAI V) - I Corps
1968-04-04MILIMemphis, TN[109]Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King is assassinated
1968-04-08MILIKhe Sahn, South Vietnam[109]Siege ends; Khe Sahn base shut down
1968-04-09SFGLang Vei, South Vietnam[111]Camp retaken
1968-04-26281Ban Me Thout, South Vietnam[102]SFG A-Teams
1968-04-30MILIDai Do, South Vietnam[109]Battle of Dai Do (attempted invasion)
1968-05DeltaPhu Bai, South Vietnam[105]3Op 3-68 (SAMURAI V) - I Corps
1968-05-05MILISaigon, South Vietnam[109]"Mini Tet"
1968-05-10MILIKham Duc, South Vietnam[109]NVA battalion attacks the Special Forces camp
1968-05-10MILIParis, France[109]Peace talks start
1968-05-26281Ninh Hoa, South Vietnam[102]ROK assault
1968-06281Nha Trang, South Vietnam[102]MACV Recondo School support (II Corps) - ongoing
1968-06-05MILILos Angeles, California[109]Robert F. Kennedy is shot
1968-06-21DeltaNha Trang, South Vietnam[105]3Op 4-68 (SHAKEDOWN IV) - II Corps
1968-07-01MILISouth Vietnam[109]Phoenix program begins
1968-07-01MILIWashington, DC[109]Westmoreland replaced by Abrams
1968-07-23MILIFort Bragg, NCFort Bragg "Rebellion"
1968-08-04281Nha Trang, South Vietnam[102]Rescue of civilian POWs
1968-08-10281Nha Trang, South Vietnam[102]Rescue of civilian POWs
1968-09281II Corps, South Vietnam[102]Task Force Spoiler
1968-09DeltaQuan Loi, South Vietnam[105]3Op 5-68 (ALAMO) - III Corps
1968-10-13DeltaAn Hoa, South Vietnam[105]4Op 6-68 (WARBONNET) - II Corps
1968-10-31MILINorth Vietnam[109]Operation Rolling Thunder ends
1968-11281I Corps, South Vietnam[102]Operation Warbonnet
1968-11-03281I Corps, South Vietnam[102]Perilous emergency extraction of a team in contact w-enemy
1968-11-03BAI Corps, South Vietnam[13][95]23Shot in leg, Ray Brenner got him to Medivac
1968-11-03BAI Corps, South Vietnam[42][95]23Capt Fallone saved his life
1968-11-03HMI Corps, South Vietnam[102]Ray Brenner "vectored" Murdock in
1968-11-03RayI Corps, South Vietnam[13],[95]24BA shot in leg, Ray got him to Medivac
1968-11-03RayI Corps, South Vietnam[13],[95],[102]24Met Murdock - Perilous emergency extraction
1968-11-15281Trang Phuc, South Vietnam[102]SFG A-Team
1968-11-16DeltaDong Xoai, South Vietnam[105]4Op 7-68 (ARES) - III Corps
1968-11-30281II Corps, South Vietnam[102]SFG A-Team
1968-12DeltaDong Xoai, South Vietnam[105]4Op 7-68 (ARES) - III Corps
1968-12HMSouth Vietnam[95]22Captain
1968-12-09281Nha Trang, South Vietnam[102]Mortar attack on camp
1969281I Corps, South Vietnam[102]Project Delta
1969281II Corps, South Vietnam[102]Project Delta
1969281Nha Trang, South Vietnam[102]MACV Recondo School support (II Corps) - ongoing
1969SFGCambodia[107]Operation Salem House (new name for Daniel Boone)
1969-01DeltaDong Xoai, South Vietnam[105]4Op 7-68 (ARES) - III Corps
1969-01HMHanoi, North Vietnam[71]23Escape flight (Bright Light mission)
1969-02FaceFort Bragg, NC[95]22Completed SF training
1969-02Nha Trang, South Vietnam [83 [95]22 Captain Curtis joined Colonel Morrison's staff
1969-02-24281Nha Trang, South Vietnam[102]Mortar attack on camp
1969-02FaceSouth Vietnam[95]22Deployment - 5th SFG
1969-02FaceNha Trang, S Vietnam[13][95]22Ray Brenner gave Face his helmet/Face's 1st firefight
1969-02RayNha Trang, S Vietnam[13],[95]25Gave Face his helmet (Note - Face also knew Fallone[42])
1969-03BAPhu Bon Province, S Vietnam[72][95]24Captured VC capt. in Ni Thiu Linh mountains
1969-03FacePhu Bon Province, S Vietnam[72][95]22Captured VC capt. in Ni Thiu Linh mountains
1969-03HMPhu Bon Province, S Vietnam[72][95]23Captured VC capt. in Ni Thiu Linh mountains
1969-03JohnNha Trang, S Vietnam[72][95]41Interrogated Ivan Padavich
1969-04DeltaPhu Bai, South Vietnam[105]4Op 1-69 (CASS PARK I) - I Corps
1969-05DeltaAn Hoa, South Vietnam[105]4Op 2-69 (CASS PARK II) - I Corps
1969-05FaceLos Angeles, California[45]St Mary's High School (See premises)
1969-06DeltaAn Hoa, South Vietnam[105]4Op 2-69 (CASS PARK II) - I Corps
1969-07TeamQuang Tri Prov, S Vietnam[02][15][95]Taken by "Charlie"; POW Camp (31 miles from DMZ, north of DaNang)
1969-08DeltaMai Loc, South Vietnam[105]4Op 3-69 (TROJAN HORSE I) - I Corps
1969-08TeamCam Ranh Bay, South Vietnam[22]Barracks fight
1969-09DeltaMai Loc, South Vietnam[105]4Op 3-69 (TROJAN HORSE I) - I Corps
1969-09FaceCam Ranh Bay, South Vietnam [08][95]22Scammed a '53 Caddy convertible
1969-10-13DeltaMai Loc, South Vietnam[105]Operation 3-69 (TROJAN HORSE)
1969-10-13DeltaMai Loc, South Vietnam[105]5Op 4-69 (TROJAN HORSE II) - I Corps
1969-11BASouth Vietnam[95]24Sergeant First Class
1969-11FaceSaigon, South Vietnam[29]22Scammed a villa (pretending to be SV royalty)
1969-12-11DeltaPolei Kleng, South Vietnam[105]5Op 5-69 (YELLOW RIBBON) - I Corps
1969-12-21FaceHawaii[12][95]22Six days' leave with Hannibal
1969-12-21JohnHawaii[12][95]41Six days' leave with Face