1970-01281South Vietnam [102]Major aviation support for ROK and ARVN
1970-01FaceSouth Vietnam [29]23Met Taylor
1970-01-12281Dong Ba Thin, South Vietnam [102]Dong Bo Mountains
1970-02FaceSouth Vietnam [67]23DMV Tennis and Racquetball Club
1970-02JohnSouth Vietnam [67]42There with Face
1970-02RayFort Bragg, NC [13], [95]26Promotion - Major
1970-02-11DeltaSF Camp Bunard, South Vietnam[105]5Op 1-70 (SABRE & SPURS) - III Corps
1970-03-15BANha Trang, South Vietnam [10] [95]26Hit Gen Ludlum in the nose (got year wrong)
1970-03-22DeltaSF Camp Bunard, South Vietnam[105]5Op 2-70 (CAVALRY GLORY) - III Corps
1970-04FaceSouth Vietnam [95]231st Lieutenant
1970-04-06281Nha Trang, South Vietnam [102]Missile attack
1970-04-25BACambodia [14] [21] [95]252 man patrol with Hannibal/mined bridges
1970-04-25JohnCambodia [14] [21] [95]422 man patrol with BA/mined bridges
1970-05281Pleiku Province, South Vietnam [102]Operation Binh Tay I
1970-05-08TeamSaigon, South Vietnam [25] [95]Hid in Sam Yin's basement during shellig
1970-05-14DeltaMai Loc, South Vietnam[105]5Op 3-70 (DELTA DAGGER) - I Corps
1970-05-20FaceKhe Sahn Plain, South Vietnam [04] [95]23Shot in the leg
1970-05-20HMKhe Sahn Plain, South Vietnam [04] [56] [95]24Shot down/wounded
1970-05-20TeamKhe Sahn Plain, South Vietnam [04] [95]Took out VC general
1970-06DeltaMai Loc, South Vietnam[105]5Op 3-70 (DELTA DAGGER II) - I Corps - last Op
1970-06-20281Pleiku Province, South Vietnam [102]Operation Binh Tay II
1970-06-30DeltaNha Trang, South Vietnam[105]5Deactivated
1970-08-17281Ban Me Thuot, South Vietnam [102]
1970-09-08281Trung Dung, South Vietnam [102]
1970-12-01HMNha Trang, South Vietnam [95]24 Transferred to 134th AHC
1970-12-14281Nha Trang, South Vietnam [102]Inactivated; assigned to US Army Reserve
1971-01-21BASouth Vietnam [82]26AWOL
1971-01-21FaceSouth Vietnam [82]24AWOL
1971-01-21JohnSouth Vietnam [82]43AWOL
1971-01-27BAHanoi, North Vietnam [72] [83]26Bank robbery/Captured Dimitri Stastovitch
1971-01-27FaceHanoi, North Vietnam [72] [83]24Bank robbery/Captured Dimitri Stastovitch
1971-01-27JohnHanoi, North Vietnam [72] [83]43Bank robbery/Captured Dimitri Stastovitch
1971-01-27HMPhnom Penh, South Vietnam [83]25After dropped team off
1971-01-27TeamPhnom Penh, South Vietnam [82] [83]Col. Morrison murdered/Captain Curtis present
1971-03-05SFGFort Bragg, NC [104]Vietnam service terminated
1972BAFort Bragg, NC [01] [05]27Broke out of prison
1972FaceFort Bragg, NC [01] [05]25Broke out of prison
1972HMSouth Vietnam [71] [95]26Air America
1972JohnFort Bragg, NC [01] [05]44Broke out of prison
1972RayBarlow Creek, VA [13], [95]28Married Trish
1973HMWestwood, CA [12]27Committed
1973-01-27MILIParis, France [108]Paris Peace Accords signed
1973-02-12MILIHanoi, North Vietnam [108]Operation Homecoming - Hanoi releases 591 POWs
1973-03-29MILISouth Vietnam [108]Last remaining American troops withdraw
1975HMWestwood, CA [69]29Began therapy with Dr. Richter
1975JohnHollywood, CA [61]47Started playing sea monsters
1975-04-29MILISaigon, South Vietnam [108]Operation Frequent Wind - last evacuation
1977-12-03TeamPoint Mugu, CA [18]Stole aircraft from PM Naval Air Station