1982-05TeamBroke senator's son out of prisonTurkey[01]; [95]
1982-11Hannibal54Aquamaniac IIHollywood, CA[01]; [95]
1982-11TeamMeet Amy Allen, rescue Al MasseySan Rio Blanco, Mexico[01]; [95]
1982-11HM36VA Hospital, Psych Wing, Bldg 16Westwood, CA[01]
1983TeamPrison fighting ringStrikersville, FL[03]
1983TeamBA shot, but got client out aliveBad Rock, CA[05]
1983TeamProtection racketNew York, New York[07]
1983TeamPossibly MissouriBarlow Creek, VA[13]; [95]
1983Ray39DeathBarlow Creek, VA[13]; [95]
1983TeamLeslie BecktallEcuador[16]
1983Face36Movie "producer" - had $10G to purchase film (Wine for Breakfast)Los Angeles, California[18]
1983TeamGoing after wild horse thievesArizona[18]
1983TeamHelped trio of disabled veteransDeadman, Sobaco County, CA[22]; [95]
1983TeamS Figueroa Street & W 6th Street - construction siteLos Angeles, California[23]; [95]
1983-01TeamReligious cult rescueRedwood, CA[02]; [95]
1983-02TeamDiamond mineZulabwe, Africa[14]; [95]
1983-03TeamMath professor - mobstersLas Vegas, NV[06]; [95]
1983-03TeamRogue SWAT teamLos Angeles, California[04]; [95]
1983-07TeamGovernment induced rescue of US Army generalBorneo[10]; [95]
1983-08TeamCoyote slave tradeMexico[17]; [95]
1983-08-06Face36Marriage Jacqueline TaylorWilson County, TX[11]
1983-08-06TeamPlot to take over woman's companyWilson County, TX[11]
1983-08-13Face36Annulment Jacqueline TaylorWilson County, TX[11]
1983-09TeamWatermelon farmerGreen Valley, CA[09]; [95]
1983-09Face36Bought CorvetteLos Angeles, California[19]; [95]
1983-09Face36Face get fancy revolver from client (Cal Freeman)Tarzana, CA[19]; [95]
1983-09TeamTaxicab companyTarzana, CA[19]; [95]
1983-10BA38Foot injury (stepped on nail)near Laguna Beach, CA[21]; [95]
1983-10TeamBellar Airlines hijackingLos Angeles, California[12]
1983-10TeamFishermen in troublenear Laguna Beach, CA[21]; [95]
1983-11TeamRecovery of Church moneyGuatemala[08]; [95]
1983-11TeamHillbillies and MilitarySouth Carolina[08]; [95]
1983-12TeamChinese restaurant vs TongChinatown, Los Angeles, CA[25]; [95]
1984Hannibal56Gila Monster Who Ate FranceHollywood, CA[24]
1984TeamRescue son from drug smugglersColumbia-Venezuela[26]
1984TeamGun runners, Army set-upFort Tucker, CA[28]
1984TeamDesert rats ripping off casino patronsNevada[30]
1984TeamCar thievesSimi Valley, CA[31]
1984TeamPoint Vicente lighthouseRancho Palos Verdes, CA[32]; [95]
1984TeamDouglas Kylenear Bad Rock, CA[33]; [95]
1984TeamHelping pacifistsKellysburg[34]
1984TeamSummit Ranger StationStanislaus National Forest, CA[35]; [95]
1984TeamFlorida hotelFort Lauderdale, FL[36]
1984TeamHelping old sherif (month before Brazil)South Carolina[37]
1984TeamRescues Tawnia's fianceBrazil[37]
1984TeamMobsters join forcesSanta Rosa, CA[40]
1984TeamAuto company thugsVan Nuys, CA[41]
1984TeamRescue doctor, island from terroristsRemote island[42]
1984TeamFake A-TeamCalifornia[43]
1984TeamActing sheriffsRep. of San Marcos, South America[44]
1984BA, HM39, 38Mistaken for robberGreen County[47]
1984Face37Working on business deal (separate from team)[47]
1984Hannibal56AquamaniacHollywood, CA[47]
1984Hannibal56Rescues BA and MurdockGreen County[47]
1984-01TeamHelp Rev Taylor with moonshinersArcadia County, GA[29]; [95]
1984-02TeamOrganizing farm laborImperial Valley, CA[20]; [95]
1984-07-12TeamLumbermanGroversville[39]; [95]
1984-08TeamTawnis runs into troubleLos Angeles, California[27]
1984-10TeamHelp singing groupLos Angeles, California[45]; [95]
1984-11TeamFace runs for officeParkland, NM[24]; [95]
1984-12BA39Not with teamChicago, IL[46]
1984-12Face37Seriously dating fashion model RinaHollywood, CA[46]
1984-12Hannibal56Goes after mobsterHollywood, CA[46]
1984-12HM38Pretends to be BAHollywood, CA[46]
1985TeamTeam opens Irish pubLos Angeles, California[49]
1985TeamMobile casinoLos Angeles, California[52]
1985TeamProtecting princessNorthwest Africa[53]
1985TeamTowing companyArriba, NM[54]; [95]
1985TeamMurdock kidnapped by bounty huntersBedford Falls, CA[56]; [95]
1985TeamFake paintingsBeverly Hills, CA[57]
1985TeamSoda factoryLos Angeles, California[58]
1985Face38Lake CharlesPodetera de la Ria, Mexico[61]
1985Hannibal57GatorellaPodetera de la Ria, Mexico[61]
1985TeamTrouble on Mexican film setPodetera de la Ria, Mexico[61]
1985TeamHomeless shelterCentral California[63]; [95]
1985Face38Bought (and returned) ExcaliburLos Angeles, California[63]
1985TeamPrison concertRockland, CA[64]
1985TeamWrestlersVenice, CA[65]; [95]
1985Face38Gets a pardonLos Angeles, California[67]
1985Face38Scammed1347 Malibu Road, Malibu, CA[69]
1985TeamRescues Dr RichterBazajos, Curaguay, South America[69]
1985TeamDrugs smuggled in stuffed animalsLos Angeles, California[70]
1985-01TeamRescue cafe ownersCalifornia[48]; [95]
1985-02TeamTeams buys a boxerLos Angeles, California[50]; [95]
1985-02TeamDelivery service / blind sisterLos Angeles, California[55]; [95]
1985-03TeamEscape on cruise shipPalermo, Italy[60]; [95]
1985-03TeamKidnapped daughter, impersonationLos Angeles, California[60]; [95]
1985-04TeamCaught between Army and escapeesCrystal Lake, Nevada City, CA[59]; [95]
1985-07Adele700 Foster Avenue; Lived there "many years"Chicago, IL[62]; [95]
1985-07TeamHelping BA's mother (Adele)Chicago, IL[62]; [95]
1985-07Team18022 Highfield Street, hideout with singerCanoga Park, CA[68]; [95]
1985-08TeamHannibal's "nephew" race car driverNapa Valley, CA[66]; [95]
1986Hannibal58With twin stewardessesRio de Janeiro, Brazil[71]
1986TeamMurdock kidnapped to help thievesLas Vegas, NV[71]
1986TeamRussian spiesLos Angeles, California[72]
1986TeamCrooks at the country clubBeverly Hills, CA[73]
1986TeamBoy GeorgeTwin Rivers, Mono County, AZ[74]; [95]
1986TeamRomeo and Juliet with crazed crooksCannon's Crossing, AZ[75]; [95]
1986Hannibal58Aquamaniac IIHollywood, CA[76]
1986TeamMobsters and a has-been boxerLos Angeles, California[79]
1986TeamGo after Fullbright's childHanoi, North Vietnam[81]
1986HM40Shot in upper right chest areaHanoi, North Vietnam[81]
1986-02Face39Running concession stand for movie setHollywood, CA[76]
1986-02HM40Worked for Face in concession standHollywood, CA[76]
1986-02TeamHelp for pioneer sitePrairie Creek, TX[78]; [95]
1986-02-05TeamBA's old friends in troubleWhispering Pines, CA[76]
1986-03-04TeamTreasure mapPalos Verdes, CA[77]; [95]
1986-03-16TeamGas station and mobstersGreentree Creek, CA[80]; [95]
1986-06TeamTeam foils hijackers after meeting StockwellSpain[82]; [95]
1986-08-18BA, Face, Hannibal41, 39, 58Courts Martial - guilty of murderFort Owen, CA[83]; [84]
1986-08-18HM40Courts Martial of othersFort Owen, CA[84]
1986-08-25HM40Declared saneWestwood, CA[84]; [95]
1986-08HM40Dog poundLangley, VA[84]
1986-08-30BA, Face, Hannibal41, 39, 58Stockwell's compoundLangley, VA[84]; [95]
1986-08-30HM40ResidenceLangley, VA[84]; [95]
1986-09HM40Underwear inspectorLangley, VA[85]; [95]
1986-09TeamFootball and chemical weaponsEast Germany[85]; [95]
1986-10HM40Bison troop leaderLangley, VA[86]; [95]
1986-10TeamRescue Americans and a countrySan Marcos[86]; [95]
1986-11-01Face39Decides to leavePennsylvania[88]; [95]
1986-11-01TeamReporter, assassination attemptPennsylvania[88]; [95]
1986-11-04TeamStockwell kidnappedLos Angeles, California[87]; [95]
1986-11-10HM40Tour guideLangley, VA[86]; [95]
1986-11-27HM40Tending turkeysLangley, VA[89]; [95]
1986-11-27TeamFace's father needs protectionFlorida[89]; [95]
1986-11-27A.J. Bancroft57DeathFlorida[89]; [95]
1986-12TeamStockwell and team go after HannibalHong Kong[90]; [95]
1987HM41Writing fortune cookie sayingsLangley, VA[91]; [95]
1987TeamLand on island with sacred objectToga Toga Islands[91]; [95]
1987HM41Sewer workerLangley, VA[92]; [95]
1987TeamMurdock impersonates spyMonte Carlo[92]; [95]
1987-10-19HM41Waiter, Italian restaurantLangley, VA[94]; [95]
1987-10-19Face40Shot in abdomen, extreme blood lossLangley, VA[94]; [95]
1987-10-19TeamFace shotLangley, VA[94]; [95]
1987-12HM41Working in food shopLangley, VA[93]; [95]
1987-12TeamGovernment secrets and end of the lineWashington, DC[93]; [95]